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[edit] Biography

Spell4yr is a relatively recent convert to the world of Homestar Runner. He disliked the site until a friend of his continuously watched the emails in 2004 (the chronology is somewhat uncertain, but must be in the early part of 2004, since it coincided with the "Spare Key" email rap). He began watching the emails and enjoyed them, and then enjoyed the other toons on the site as well.

Spell4yr's beginning was somewhat uneventful. He was born Stephen ... um, H., on December 19, 1984 at Exeter Hospital in Exeter, N.H. He has claimed Seabrook, N.H. as his town of residency for his entire life (save for about a month spent in Newburyport, Mass., following the death of his grandfather). Attending Seabrook Elementary School he found his greatest achievement, winning four spelling bees in four years between the fifth and eighth grades (which albeitly, considering many of his classmates, wasn't much of an achievement). His username was a result of misguided egotism and a mistaken assumption that Hotmail restricted usernames for email accounts to no more than eight letters. Spell4yr then went on to Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, N.H., in the technology and engineering career track, and was a member of the twice-state-champions school math team, a trombone/tuba player for the band, and, for two years, a copy editor on the student newspaper. A successful academic career led him to enrollment at Valparaiso University in northwest Indiana, which he has attended for two and a half years, majoring in meteorology and mathematics.

He is well known for incredible lapses in memory and general absent-mindedness; he has tried to improve over the years but has only gotten much worse. He has joked that he marks his territory by leaving things behind in places he has been (usually pens or receipts, sometimes hats or other larger items). Spell4yr has not had much luck with the ladies (probably at least partially due to the forgetfulness), and does not expect prospects to improve anytime soon.

Domicile: IP address to be researched later
Debut: editing a comma in geddup noise

[edit] Wiki User Video Transcript

{Page Title: Four more years!} {Place: Valparaiso University}

{The scene starts on the campus, in the middle of a large field. People walk on the pathways in the background, but Spell4yr is nowhere to be seen.}

CAMERAMAN: Hey, we're rolling!

SPELL4YR: Sorry, I can't really focus right now!

{The camera drops downward to show Spell4yr frantically searching through the grass for something.}

CAMERAMAN: You'll just have to do this and then go back to that later! Don't worry about it right now!

SPELL4YR: Okay ... {gets up} Well, I'm Spell4yr. I can spell, and to answer you wackos on Yahoo! Messenger, that does not refer to witchcraft. So don't even ask me that. I like listening to music, and having good, clean, non-alcoholic fun, and ... sorry, I just can't do this! I have to find my keys!

CAMERAMAN: Whatever.

{Spell4yr searches for a little while longer, then all of a sudden shakes his pocket inadvertently. It jingles.}

SPELL4YR: Oh. They're right in here.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • "Four more years" is typically used as some sort of campaign slogan for presidents seeking reelection.
  • Spell4yr is standing/searching through a section of campus that once housed Moellering Library, which was demolished in May 2005 due to architectural and asbestos problems, in addition to being replaced the year before by the Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources.
    • The Christopher Center is named after Jay and Doris Christopher. Jay is an alumnus of the university, and Doris created the Pampered Chef company of cooking products.

[edit] What's Next?

Spell4yr has decided over the next few weeks and months to undertake a project to gather together any and all multiple real-world references of the same subject, even if the references themselves aren't related, so that they can be more easily attained from one source (without having to do a search for that item). More info on this to come.

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