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JEPPO: La email checka la email checka la email. {Pulls up email}

{Jeppo says 'fiend' instead of 'friend' and pronounces the village name as 'lan-fair-per-wiral-ger-wee-en-oh-that-place'}

JEPPO: {typing} Look, Scotty. Couldn't you live somewhere more pronounceable, like Boston, or Los Angeles or... Lanny? {stops typing} Woah! Lanny sounds way cooler than where I live. I might enimeegrate there when I retire. {clears screen, starts typing} So, you want to know more about me, eh Montgomery? Don't you guys have the internet or something? I should have loads of entries on there, I'm that popular. {types run_internet.exe}

JEPPO: Let's see here, {Types 'Jeppo, the handsomest guy ever' and presses search}

JEPPO: Oh, man! Stupid computer. {punches computer, a spark is heard} Uh-Oh.

{The Compy explodes, throwing Jeppo out of the room}


{The Paper comes down. It reads: 'to be continued'}

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