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Does the Wiki have a doll troll in it? Or maybe a train troll?

Please turn off your bazookas before the progrum.

BazookaJoe is a Homestar Runner fan from Michigan. The first Strong Bad Email he saw was impression in August 2003. He joined the HRWiki in May of 2005 and became a sysop in September of that year.

BazookaJoe is busy being an awesome weather-dude! If you need me to make it not rain on your outdoor wedding, I'm your man. Peace out, HRWiki!

[edit] Contributions to the Wiki

Defender of the Wiki award, given by The Paper
Myself and Tom

Might work on later never:

Proudest contributions:



11,000 active contributions, 900 deleted contributions, 3100 log entries. 15,000 total database entries.

See you later!

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