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[edit] The Secret Origin of Geshmalderborgen

Posted by Meir Kleinfelder

That's when I found a genuine working geshmalderborgen in his kitchen. What use would a human have for such a gadget?

Additional Info

  • A Geshmalderborgen is apparently some kind of Alien blender.
  • Originally called "Geshmalderborgen" for lack of a better name.
  • It was changed to "Quantum Liquid Flux Agitator" to mock the fact the anything could sound futuristic with the words "quantum" and flux" in it.
  • Changed back to Geshmalderborgen, because it was such a creative name.


[edit] Evolution of Geshmaldersig

First there was Geshmalder

This was dubbed boring.

Then there was גשמלדרברגן

But alas the text did garble, when ~~~~ was used.

ּNow there is the Geshmaldertemplate גשמלדרברגן (Geshmalder)

[edit] Goatface

Let the heralds go forth and sing out their praises, for mighty Goatface is dead. All that is left is a redirect, and a talk page archive. And with good reason, for lo the Goatface was distracting and pointless. And lo, did not Strong Bad's entry on Aliases Used in Prank Calls mention Goatface anyway. And was Goatface not an integral part of Marzipan's_Answering_Machine_Version_12.2.

But only one had the courage to give Goatface his due. First he cut Goatface down to size, and behold, t'was not good enough. So he returned with the spring winds, and smote Goatface a grievous blow. Now Goatface is no more, and there is much celebration.

Geshmalderborgen is truly the Goatface Killah

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