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This article is about the making of The Cheatar. For the short, see The Cheatar.
"The Cheatar!"

A time-lapse video showing the making of The Cheatar for an auction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Cast (in order of appearance): Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman, Other artists, Spectators, Gary Palaroncini, Larry Palaroncini

Running Time: 0:54

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Three

[edit] Transcript

{Throughout most of the video, the intro song plays.}

{The Cheatar starts off as a white fiberglass Fender Stratocaster standing in a wooded area. Matt, Mike, and other artists paint it in stages beginning by coloring the body, headstock, and neck yellow. Periodically, the guitar is covered up with a silver tarp, presumably to prevent foreign matter from sticking to the paint. Next, the fingerboard is painted brown, the black outline and spots of The Cheat are painted on the body, and the tuning pegs are painted silver. The right side of The Cheat is painted a darker shade of yellow, and the frets are painted on the neck. The black and white parts of the eyes are painted on The Cheat.}

{Suddenly, the music stops and a record scratching noise plays. Gary Palaroncini silently stands alone with fingerless gloves next to the empty silver tarp and a gas barbecue. He scratches his chin and walks offscreen to the right.}

{The sound of drumsticks clicking leads into a short Limozeen-style riff. A still frame of Gary "playing" The Cheatar against a brick wall appears}

LARRY PALARONCINI: {singing} The Cheatar!

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