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Dongrels have the uncanny ability to disguise themselves as sous-chefs

Dongrels are monsters in both Thy Dungeonman II and 3. Described as "snarling and scangering", Dongrels are probably one of the most deadly beasts in the whole Thy Dungeonman world, since they have the ability to destroy mops (Thy Dungeonman's main line of defense against other monsters, such as Mongrels, Longrels, and Hongrels). Dongrels are also able to pull themselves together and disguise themselves as sous-chefs from time to time for easier prey-catching. Its relation to the other monsters in Thy Dungeonman II, such as Longrels, Hongrels, and Mongrels, is unknown.

[edit] Anatomy

A dead Dongrel

The only time a Dongrel is ever visibly displayed is during Thy Dungeonman 3 in skeleton form. From this image we can gather that Dongrels have (at least) two long arms and three enormous claws (with no visible thumbs) on each arm, a torso, and a rather lizard/dinosaur-like head. Nothing is visible below this Dongrel's ribcage, though this may be because the bottom of the skeleton had decayed and fallen off.

Mrs. Commanderson vaguely resembles the anatomy of a Dongrel as well, indicating that the dongrel may be some kind of bird/reptile.

[edit] Appearances

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