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"But all's I'm thinking is, 'that's a dryer!'"

Bubs narrates some bubblegum comics.

Cast (in order of appearance): Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, Bubs, Bazooka Gum comic characters

Places: Bazooka Joe comic places

Running Time: 1:59

DVD Exclusive: Everything Else, Volume 1


[edit] Transcript

{Mike and Matt Chapman are sitting in a room with a wooden wall, below a picture of Homestar.}

MIKE CHAPMAN: {looks over at Matt} So here we are in the bonus section of the DVD, Matt.

MATT CHAPMAN: Sounds great, Mike.

MIKE CHAPMAN: We, uh, thought these, a couple of these segments might need a little explanation.

MATT CHAPMAN: Boy, do they ever.

MIKE CHAPMAN: This first segment is called Bubslegum Comics and it— well, we did this after the 2002 Halloween cartoon where—

{On the bottom of the screen in yellow text appears: *That's just plain wrong. It was 2001.}

MIKE CHAPMAN: —Bubs got a Bazooka Joe type bubblegum comic.

MATT CHAPMAN: And he read the comics in the bubblegum comics.

MIKE CHAPMAN: So for a brief period we thought that might become a recurring weekly update.

MATT CHAPMAN: We thought {chuckles} we thought that it might just happen. We didn't know if we would make it or not.

MIKE CHAPMAN: We thought wrong. {laughs} But we did make a few of them, and we would like to share them with you.


MIKE CHAPMAN: Here they are.

MATT CHAPMAN: {ridiculously slow and seductive} Yes.

{Cut to a shot of Bubs standing in front of a yellow background with bubbles. Bubs throws the bubble gum up in the air, chews it up, blows a bubble and it pops. Cut to a pink bubble background with the words "Bubs' Dumb Bubblegum Comics". Comic strip appears.}

[edit] Comic #1

BUBS: I remember one time, I got this one, where in the first frame, there's this guy saying,—

{The first panel appears with Gunderson on a speech bubble saying "Hey Gunderson!"}

BUBS: —"Hey Gunderson!" And in the second frame, he said,—

{The second panel appears with a bus coming down the street and an arm pointing saying, "Here comes the book mobile!"}

BUBS: —"Here come the book mobile!" And it got me to thinking, I wish my life was that simple.


[edit] Comic #2

{another blank comic strip appears}

BUBS: And then there was this one, where in the first frame, some guy's pointing at somebody in a trench coat—

{first panel appears with a guy in a trench coat in the foreground and another person pointing at him saying, "Dennis?"}

BUBS: —saying, "Dennis?" And in the next frame, he's telling his friend,—

{second panel appears with the kids pointing behind him saying, "I just saw Dennis!" and his friend is right next to him}

BUBS: —"I just saw Dennis!" I mean, he just saw Dennis!

{text appears at the bottom of the comic saying: FORTUNE: DENNIS FRANZ IS WEARING A TRENCH COAT.}

[edit] Comic #3

{another blank comic strip appears}

BUBS: So then I got one where the Roustabout Kid says,—

{first panel appears with the Roustabout kid standing with his arms straight out to his sides. In a thought bubble he says, "Great Times."}

BUBS: —"Great Times." And then the refuse bin says,—

{second panel appears with a trash can in the foreground saying, "I think I'll wait." as the Roustabout kid stands in the background.}

BUBS: —"I think I'll wait." Man. This bubblegum is terrible!

{text appears at the bottom of the comic saying: FORTUNE: DON'T GO MESSIN' WITH A COUNTRY BOY.}

[edit] Comic #4

{another blank comic strip appears}

{first panel appears with the hip hop kid peeking from the top of the dryer drying saying, "Let's do this..." ...with the Roustabout kid on the side.}

BUBS: And so the hip-hop kid says, "Let's do this," and he tells Gunderson,—

{second panel appears with the hip-hop kid and the Roustabout kid on top of the dryer saying, "We got you this washer." Gunderson is in the foreground holding a bottle of something looking back}

BUBS: —"We got you this washer." But all's I'm thinking is,—

{text appears at the bottom to the screen saying: FORTUNE: THAT'S A DRYER.}

BUBS: —"That's a dryer!"

{cut back to the room with Mike and Matt sitting in it. Both Mike and Matt looking at the screen and Matt with a very puzzled look. They both look at each other and then look back at the camera.}

MATT CHAPMAN: Huh! Ah, pubth, uh... whatever! {Matt puts his hand in the air}

MIKE CHAPMAN: {overlapping Matt} I don't ever want to ch— I don't ever want to chew gum again, Mom!

MATT CHAPMAN: {laughs}

[edit] Fun Facts

Weirded out!

[edit] Explanation

  • A roustabout is a laborer typically performing temporary, unskilled work. The term has traditionally been used to refer to traveling-circus workers or oil rig workers.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the only time Bubs is seen with his mouth open. However, Original Bubs regularly opens his mouth like this.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • Dennis Franz is an Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning American actor known for his role as Andy Sipowicz, a gritty police detective in the television series NYPD Blue.
  • "Don't go messin' with a country boy" is a reference to former WWE wrestler Hillbilly Jim's entrance music of the same name.
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