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"But all's I'm thinking is, 'that's a dryer!'"

Bubs narrates some bubblegum comics.

Cast (in order of appearance): Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, Bubs, Bazooka Gum comic characters

Places: Bazooka Joe comic places

Running Time: 1:59

DVD Exclusive: Everything Else, Volume 1


[edit] Transcript

{Mike and Matt Chapman are sitting in a room with a wooden wall, below a picture of Homestar.}

MIKE CHAPMAN: {looks over at Matt} So here we are in the bonus section of the DVD, Matt.

MATT CHAPMAN: Sounds great, Mike.

MIKE CHAPMAN: We, uh, thought these, a couple of these segments might need a little explanation.

MATT CHAPMAN: Boy, do they ever.

MIKE CHAPMAN: This first segment is called Bubslegum Comics and it— well, we did this after the 2002 Halloween cartoon where—

{On the bottom of the screen in yellow text appears: *That's just plain wrong. It was 2001.}

MIKE CHAPMAN: —Bubs got a Bazooka Joe type bubblegum comic.

MATT CHAPMAN: And he read the comics in the bubblegum comics.

MIKE CHAPMAN: So for a brief period we thought that might become a recurring weekly update.

MATT CHAPMAN: We thought {chuckles} we thought that it might just happen. We didn't know if we would make it or not.

MIKE CHAPMAN: We thought wrong. {laughs} But we did make a few of them, and we would like to share them with you.


MIKE CHAPMAN: Here they are.

MATT CHAPMAN: {ridiculously slow and seductive} Yes.

{Cut to a shot of Bubs standing in front of a yellow background with bubbles. Bubs throws the bubble gum up in the air, chews it up, blows a bubble and it pops. Cut to a pink bubble background with the words "Bubs' Dumb Bubblegum Comics". Comic strip appears.}

[edit] Comic #1

BUBS: I remember one time, I got this one, where in the first frame, there's this guy saying,—

{The first panel appears with Gunderson on a speech bubble saying "Hey Gunderson!"}

BUBS: —"Hey Gunderson!" And in the second frame, he said,—

{The second panel appears with a bus coming down the street and an arm pointing saying, "Here comes the book mobile!"}

BUBS: —"Here come the book mobile!" And it got me to thinking, I wish my life was that simple.


[edit] Comic #2

{another blank comic strip appears}

BUBS: And then there was this one, where in the first frame, some guy's pointing at somebody in a trench coat—

{first panel appears with a guy in a trench coat in the foreground and another person pointing at him saying, "Dennis?"}

BUBS: —saying, "Dennis?" And in the next frame, he's telling his friend,—

{second panel appears with the kids pointing behind him saying, "I just saw Dennis!" and his friend is right next to him}

BUBS: —"I just saw Dennis!" I mean, he just saw Dennis!

{text appears at the bottom of the comic saying: FORTUNE: DENNIS FRANZ IS WEARING A TRENCH COAT.}

[edit] Comic #3

{another blank comic strip appears}

BUBS: So then I got one where the Roustabout Kid says,—

{first panel appears with the Roustabout kid standing with his arms straight out to his sides. In a thought bubble he says, "Great Times."}

BUBS: —"Great Times." And then the refuse bin says,—

{second panel appears with a trash can in the foreground saying, "I think I'll wait." as the Roustabout kid stands in the background.}

BUBS: —"I think I'll wait." Man. This bubblegum is terrible!

{text appears at the bottom of the comic saying: FORTUNE: DON'T GO MESSIN' WITH A COUNTRY BOY.}

[edit] Comic #4

{another blank comic strip appears}

{first panel appears with the hip hop kid peeking from the top of the dryer drying saying, "Let's do this..." ...with the Roustabout kid on the side.}

BUBS: And so the hip-hop kid says, "Let's do this," and he tells Gunderson,—

{second panel appears with the hip-hop kid and the Roustabout kid on top of the dryer saying, "We got you this washer." Gunderson is in the foreground holding a bottle of something looking back}

BUBS: —"We got you this washer." But all's I'm thinking is,—

{text appears at the bottom to the screen saying: FORTUNE: THAT'S A DRYER.}

BUBS: —"That's a dryer!"

{cut back to the room with Mike and Matt sitting in it. Both Mike and Matt looking at the screen and Matt with a very puzzled look. They both look at each other and then look back at the camera.}

MATT CHAPMAN: Huh! Ah, pubth, uh... whatever! {Matt puts his hand in the air}

MIKE CHAPMAN: {overlapping Matt} I don't ever want to ch— I don't ever want to chew gum again, Mom!

MATT CHAPMAN: {laughs}

[edit] Fun Facts

Weirded out!

[edit] Explanation

  • A roustabout is a laborer typically performing temporary, unskilled work. The term has traditionally been used to refer to traveling-circus workers or oil rig workers.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the only time that Bubs is seen with his mouth open. However, Original Bubs would later be introduced in the email original, and regularly opens his mouth like this.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • Dennis Franz is an Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning American actor known for his role as Andy Sipowicz, a gritty police detective in the television series NYPD Blue. Matt's avatar on Strong Bad's Message Bored was a GIF of several images of Franz.
  • "Don't go messin' with a country boy" is a reference to former WWE wrestler Hillbilly Jim's entrance music of the same name.
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