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This article is about the series. For the game, see Thy Dungeonman. For the character, see Thy Dungeonman (character).

Thy Dungeonman is a series of text-based adventure games developed by Videlectrix. Players control the titular Thy Dungeonman while exploring dungeons, castles, and other medieval locales.


[edit] Games

[edit] Thy Dungeonman


Thy Dungeonman originated in the Strong Bad Email video games, as a game "for those intellectual people with better imaginations."

In the full game, the Dungeonman must escape from Yon Dungeon (while learning what parapets are along the way).

The game purportedly includes a 400-page instruction manual, consisting of 395 pages of lore and 5 pages of PC instructions.

[edit] Thy Dungeonman II

More text

Thy Dungeonman II sees the Dungeonman (who can be named by the player) awakening in a locked dungeon cell.

The game is described as coming with a three-volume set of Thy Encyclopedias and Reference Guide.

[edit] Thy Dungeonman 3

Thy Graphics

Thy Dungeonman 3 is the first game to feature full graphics; though the prior games used limited ASCII art, pixelated images accompany every screen in this game. The Dungeonman attempts to retrieve Ye Flask in a journey that takes him out of the dungeons and to several locations through the countryside.

[edit] Other

"Can you help find all the missing text commands?"

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