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This article is about the game. For the event, see Awexome Cross '98.
Awexome title screen
Thrills! Chills! Syrup!
"You control a little yellow dog-thing stuffed inside a tire in this sidescroller. Get to the end and a trophy could be yours."Videlectrix

Awexome Cross is a game of speed and skill. Playing as The Cheat, the player must ride the Tire through an obstacle course in Strong Badia. It is based on the event Awexome Cross '98 that appeared in monster truck. The objectives of the game are to:

  • Collect much buxx.
  • Collect turbos to speed up the tire.
  • Collect power...downs if you're going too fast.

The obstacles are General Tso's Chicken, cinder blocks, syrup bottles, and boxes. If The Cheat hits an obstacle, he loses a life. At the end of each level, The Cheat launches off the Stop Sign, and then adds up his points with Strong Mad. The Cheat also gets a trophy and an extra life at the end of each level. There are a total of seven levels.

Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Page Title: AWEXOME CROSS 98!!


[edit] Winning the Game

Yeah, you won.
  • Players who complete all seven levels will be rewarded with a secret screen. It shows two women in bikinis holding up The Cheat, who is holding a pizza trophy, and the message "yeah, you won." appears on the screen. Also, if the player gets a perfect score (don't lose any lives), the winning screen will have "PERFECT SCORE!" on the bottom.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • Not counting Duck Pond, which was retconned as a Videlectrix game when the Atari 2600 version became a demo, this is the first game to be developed by Videlectrix.
  • This game was originally an Easter egg in monster truck, but it is now featured on the Games menu.
  • The original version had only one level.
  • The original version's winning screen was similar to the new one's. Instead of a pizza trophy, The Cheat held up a golbol.

[edit] Remarks

  • The title reads "Awexome Cross 98", but to the right in smaller print it reads "1987".
  • A version of this game was created for the Game Boy Advance, available here.
  • The accuracy counter at the end of level screen only takes buxx and deaths into account, and never goes higher than 84%.
  • It is easier to win the game if a lot of powerups are collected, as the jumps don't have to be as well timed.
  • The Cheat will crash within several pixels of the obstacle, making it look like he crashed in midair.

[edit] Glitches

  • In the old version, it is possible to get stuck in the air by jumping and hitting an obstacle at the same time.
  • The pickups and the obstacles move at different speeds.
  • In the Ruffle version of the game, dying to any obstacle will result in a death loop that cannot be escaped.

[edit] Inside References

  • Strong Bad refers to the pizza trophy as a possible reward for The Cheat's cartoon in crazy cartoon.
  • This game has another instance of the word "seriously".
  • The bucket of fried chicken is labeled "KOTFC", likely short for King of Town Fried Chicken, as well as a reference to KFC.

[edit] Real-World References

  • The title screen resembles the game "Indianapolis 500".
  • The sound effects for jumping, crashing and collecting buxx are taken from Super Mario Bros.
    • The jump sound is the solid block hit sound.
    • The crash sound is the block-break sound.
  • The sound effect for Strong Mad slapping the Tire between levels comes from the arcade game "Qix".
  • The "Yeah, you won" screen shows a scene similar to the Super Off Road series of video games.
  • The tire charging may be a reference to Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, who does the same thing.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • In 8-Bit is Enough, Strong Bad mentions that the Videlectrix phone number is the same number as the cheat code to get a zillion men in Awexome Cross (though the lives are technically called mans in this game).

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