Awexome Cross '98

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This article is about the event. For the game, see Awexome Cross.

Awexome Cross (pronounced "awesome cross") is an apparently annual event that is held in Strong Badia. According to the email monster truck, the last time it occurred was in 1998. Strong Bad does the voiceover for the event's advertisements. Some of the main attractions include The Cheat attempting to jump the Tire over The King of Town eating a cardboard box covered in syrup, Strong Mad smashing Marzipan's guitar over Homestar's head, and The Poopsmith lighting some smoke bombs. There is also a free performance after the show by Limozeen, in which they sing Because, It's Midnite. The tickets for adults are cheap at only 5 dollars, although kids and old people are not permitted without a bucket of fried chicken for Strong Bad. Whether it will be held again remains a mystery.

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