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Strong Bad Email #53

The origin of Teen Girl Squad! A girl asks Strong Bad to make a comic about her friends.

Features: Strong Bad, Cheerleader, So and So, The Ugly One, What's Her Face


STRONG BAD: In the united States alone, someone checks their email every three seconds. This is one of them.


Can you make a comic about my friends?
Tey are totally obsessed with you.
Their names are Virginia, Joy,
Kristen, and Jennifer. I would really
appriciate it.

Thank You.


{Strong Bad mumbles over the four girls' names instead of reading them. He also pronounces "Tey" and "appriciate" just as they are spelled.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Well, I'd really appriciate {same as in the email} it if you proofread your emails before you sent them to me! So, a comic about your little friends, huh? Well, okay. I'll see what I can do!

{He gets out pencil and starts drawing something. Some music starts playing.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader {cheer!} So and So {fashion sense!} What's Her Face {unpopular!} The Ugly One {hygiene?}

CHEERLEADER: Hey gals, let's go get ready to LOOK SO GOOD!!!!!

SO AND SO: Word.



{A helicopter attacks the seagulls}

CHEERLEADER: Okay, now let's start LOOKING GOOD!!!!

SO AND SO: A'ight.



{A robot zaps So and So's head with a laser}

CHEERLEADER: Kristen, you look burnt - or DEAD.

WHATS HER FACE: I miss Kristin-a.

{Numerous arrows come flying through the air behind The Ugly One.}

THE UGLY ONE: I have a crush on EVERY BOY!

{The Ugly One is pierced by arrows}


THE UGLY ONE: OW! My skin!

{What's Her Face is kicked by a dinosaur}


{Cheerleader stands next to the headstones for So and So, The Ugly One, and What's Her Face}

CHEERLEADER: I look so good!

STRONG BAD: {typing} Wow, Brittany! That turned out pretty good! I should maybe make some crappy xeroxes of that thing and sell it over at Bubs'. Or at least some snooty independent record store. {stops typing} Ok, so, thats it! No more Strong Bad Emails. Na, just kiddin... maybe.

{The paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad -", click on the text to email him.}

Easter Eggs

  • When Strong Bad reads, "I would really appriciate it" you can click on the names of the girls to bring up pictures of some States.
  • When the "Girls' States" appear - you can click on the tippy-top of each one to show it in it's underwear, just like in weird dream.
  • When the headstones appear you can click on the far right one to bring up a rather funny alternate ending.
  • At the very end you can click on the words, "independent record store" to bring up a part showing the comic for sale in some record store. Funny banter going on in the background:
VOICE 1: [presumably Matt]: 'Sup, man?
VOICE 2: [presumably Mike]: Hey, how ya doin'?
VOICE 1: Pretty good.
VOICE 2: Good to see you back in. Yeah, did you... um... listen to this yet?
VOICE 1: You know, I have... yeah, I wasn't into it... I just couldn't get into it. You know, the whole thing's in 4-4, and, um, yeah, it wasn't for me. I liked their solo stuff better.
VOICE 2: Yeah, what about their guitars... they're all, like, in tune... like the frets?
VOICE 1: Yeah, the frets are, like, in tune, the frets are like B-modal. They just have the same producer... Al Beno. You ever see them live?
VOICE 2: Yeah, I mean... I saw 'em...I saw 'em like twice... last night, actually.
VOICE 1: Yeah, I saw them earlier this morning like four times...
VOICE 2: I've been a bigger fan than you for a while, I mean, well, a lot longer probably, too...
VOICE 1: Well, I mean, I dunno...

Fun Facts

  • The song playing in the background of the record store bit is Sonic Youth's "Teenage Riot" from the album Daydream Nation.
  • "Al Beno" is most likely a reference to Steve Albini, the famous producer, who was not actually associated with Daydream Nation.
  • The talk about frets and tuning probably references Sonic Youth's penchant for employing unorthodox guitar tunings.
  • "Mudhoney" was a grunge band from the late 80's-early 90's. A 45 for their single "You Stupid Assholes" is in the box labeled "Used 45s".
  • The Brother's Johnson was a funk band from the 70's. Their album "Winners" is visible.

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