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Just right
'Sup fools! I found not too long ago and I quickly found out it was the best website in the world! Oh, About the name, I'm not really sure why my two favorite characters are so lame(My next favorite character is The King of Town). I don't own any Homestar Runner stuff yet, but I'll be sure to add a user box for every new item I get.
The only The Cheat on ebay was $400 so I don't think I'll be getting one soon.

Oh! Here's what I got on that quiz.

homestar.jpg I don't think it works very well.


My jorb(in a few years)

You know that show on the Disney channel called "Sonny with a Chance"? I saw the clip from the internet and the guy says "Catch Disney's newest original comedy!" What he doesn't know is that I had an idea like that about 2 years ago! This wouldn't be the first time that's happened either so I think I may have found my future job. Look out Hollywood! TV is about to get a lot better! 'Til then I'll be complaining about how lame Demi Lovato is for stealing my idea. Later wikiers!


I just saw that DeFender1031 had something just like this on his userpage. His is just so long I never read it all. I'll keep it here as an archive, mainly because I need the image of Bubs to help fill up the page. So without further you talking: My old quote contest.

[edit] Guess that quote.


Weclome to Coach z's cool's "Where's that quote from game!" Here's how it works:I write a quote from somewhere right here. You tell me who said it and where it's from. Sound fun? Just don't look it up. That would be cheating. The first one's from a Homestar 'toon: "AaAaI blew it, man! I lose my touch." I don't know how long this will go on but it's worth a shot!

Quote 2! This one's from a TV show. You need to Tell me who said it and what show he/she said it in. Don't worry about the episode. Here it is:(note:the this quote is part of a song.)"I like bugs! I like bugs! I like bugs! I like bugs!"

Quote 3! From a movie. "You made me loose my girl, now I'm gonna make you loose yours. How's that sound, Tiger?"

Quote 4! Another one from a movie. "Funny story. My accountant set up a corporation on an island that didn't exist and assured me that that's how rich people do it."

Cool person list!

User Reason
— Defender1031*Talk I used his page to find out how to get this list going.
phlip TC I beat Stinkoman 20X6 thanks to him, and he helped me out with using NickServ.
wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) Duh!
Guy in a box He's probably at the Telltale forums but he's still cool.
It's dot com He does a lot for the wiki, and everything would be crazy without him.
Opus the Penguin He made that kick awesome "Super Kingio Bros" user box I came up with.
OpenSourceGreg He got a DSi for 5% off at Kmart before they came out here in America!

There are way more people than this but these guys come to mind right now.

My Homestar Runner wiki story

I found the wiki when I searched for a Peasant's Quest walkth- I mean, When I was looking for a "Gibson Flying V Guitar" to play in my death metal band! With songs about cussing! And the article about Flying V's here was the first thing I saw. OK, fine. I was looking for a walkthrough but come on! It's a hard game. The next day, I came back here to check the rest of the place out and I was hooked! I joined the forum a few days later and when I found out how NickServ worked I downloaded ChatZilla and started going to the IRC channel.

Random facts about me

Top 5 favorite restaurants

Top 3 favorite sodas

I have a timer that is set to go off on the 6th second of the 7th minute of the 4th hour of the 31st day of the 6th month of 2009.

I dream of Barney's death, over and over and over....

I sometimes just sit here and read pages on the wiki with my "Bork Bork Bork" extension.

I really really need to get a life.

I genuinely enjoy watching Hannah Montana, but ONLY because of Emily Osment!

Some of my all time favorite toons are: (in no particular order) Experimental film, for kids, kids' book, Boring (really), A folky tale, Commandos in the classroom, In Search of the Yello Dello Commentary, and all the Teen Girl Squads.

My favorite TV show is psych. You just have to watch it to see how awesome it is.

Link to my sig

I guess I needed to put this somewhere.

A sick twisted story

I had to write a story for school and this is what I came up with. Just so you can see what kind of person I am.

Bill took his 1st grade class to prison for a field trip. "OK, Class, Who wants to pet the murderers?

"I do!"shouted James as he ran into the Big Tony's cell. "Hi, prisoner! Can I give you a hug?"

"If you hug me I'll rip your head off!"yelled Big Tony,"Now beat it!"

"I love you, prisoner,"James said unaware of the dangers.

"That's it!" Big Tony yelled as he killed James. When Bill saw what happened he ran as fast as he could from the prison. The cops found him a month later and shot him. Pretty good right?

Awesome website

Other than and the HRWiki this is the coolest website ever. OK, Later! Coach 's Cool!

Dora is evil I tell you! EVIL!

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