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Stuff About Me
Me and my awexome paint job. Wow, you have no life.


[edit] Who am I?

Hey there, my name is Rob Coale a.k.a. Opus the Penguin. I live just outside of Elizabethtown, Kentucky and am very interested in golf. I've only been playing for a few years; my best score is an 84 (that's twelve over par) and I play for my school's varsity team. I am an avid reader and am currently deep in Ted Dekker's THR3E. Let's see, what else? I've solved a Rubik's Cube in under 45 seconds, can code in basic HTML as well as Javascript, and work at Chick-fil-A. I think that's enough about my personal life; I don't want anyone stalking me or anything.

[edit] Me and H*R

I'm sad to admit, but I haven't been on board with the site for as long as most of you. While playing Guitar Hero II one day, my friend and I unlocked the song Trogdor. After a few tries, we finally understood the lyrics and asked ourselves, "What the crap was THAT all about?" My friend googled Trodgor and came up with a video of a weird 'boxer' (as he put it) drawing a snake with wings and a beefy arm. He told me the site was called and, after about a week of me not being able to remember the name, I finally got to the site around the time looking old was uploaded. I was hooked. I've checked the site every week since. In addition, I discovered the H*R wiki one day at a friend's house while playing Peasant's Quest. We beat the game, but were quite a few points off from a perfect score. So, I googled "Peasant's Quest Walkthrough" and got this page. At the time, I wasn't too into the site and ignored the wiki for about a year. On November 24, 2008, I set up my user account. The rest is history.

[edit] My Obsession

I don't know how many of us are out there, but I am clinically obsessed with the site. Ever since I discovered it, I haven't been able to get away. I find it as, not only a great cartoon, but as an interesting world where one can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. It may be weird, but Homestar Runner is kinda like my anti-depressant: my Prozac if you will. I've even painted my room in the style of the Strong's basement to incorporate it deeper into my life. In between school and work, every spare minute I have is filled with expanding my knowledge of the universe the brilliant Chapman Brothers have created. Perhaps you share in my mania. There has to be someone else out there.........anyone?

[edit] My E-mail

You may not know me as the sender of the e-mail mini golf; well, that's because I didn't. Not that exact one at least. However, I did send an email asking if Strong Badia had a miniature golf course literally one week before the sbemail was released. While the e-mail wasn't my words exactly, I still cherish that one as my Strong Bad e-mail. It's my baby.

[edit] My Bottom Ten

1. People who say NASCAR isn't a real sport.
2. 7 hours of school and 5 hours of work.
3. People that don't use turn signals.
5. Spelling errors in books. (what are editors for, anyway?)
6. Video games that take more that 20 hours to beat.
7. "Your mom."
8. Double-Bogeys (in golf).
9. Keith Bester
10. Working on Saturdays.
11. Spending way too much time on this Wiki.*

*Not included in bottom 10

[edit] My Contributions

[edit] Major

Only got one so far; hope to add more soon.

[edit] Minor

Yay, you win! Click here for a free prize!
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