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Alwighty then. I am a guy in a box...and there's really not that much else I can add to that description. *rolls eyes and cracks smile*

I learned about HSR fronthand from when the SBCG4AP trailer went onto the Nintendo channel. I had heard about it from various different stuff on YouTube, but I never actually saw a real cartoon of it yet. I remember once seeing a picture of Homestar and saying to myself "Who the crap is that supposed to be?" Also, before I found out, I had been thinking that Strong Bad looked like that fat mouse guy with the mustache from Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers. I was curious, so I looked up Homestar Runner on Wikipedia. I learned about HRWiki through this also. I decided to look on the site, and I was hooked. And that's pretty much it.

My only friends right now are Coach z's cool and Bad Bad Guy, I guess. *shrugs* Well, that's pretty much it. I'll add more stuff to this page once I stop being so lazy.

Oh, yeah! I got a gift certificate for the HSR Store for Decemberween. I'll see if I can buy anything in the next couple of days.

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