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Hi! I'm BubsHeadStand.


[edit] The Website and I

I've been a fan of Homestar Runner for a VERY long time. (Well, longer than most of my interests nowadays.) Here's a story of how I discovered it...(note that it's kinda fuzzy, but this is what I think happened.)

My brother has a friend who's also a fan of HSR. When he was staying over one night, I saw him watching what I think was Teen Girl Squad Issue 10. I asked him what it was, and he explained it to me. The next morning I visited the website for the first time and quickly became a fan. I've incorporated a lot of HR into my life.

[edit] The Wiki and I

Believe it or not, I don't know how I discovered the wiki — only that it was about two years after I discovered the website. I have two speculations, however:

  1. I remember discovering the Wikipedia article on Homestar Runner before the HR wiki. (Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, Homestar Runner is fairly popular — it didn't take long to put two and two together.) It mentions the wiki on the article. After that, if this is what happened, I either searched for the wiki on Google or there used to be a link to the wiki and I followed it.
  2. On the article for First Time Here?, it says redirects to the wiki. So, one day, I was probably feeling silly and wanted to see what happened if I typed in that URL. So I did, and I think you know what happens next.

I found the editing tab on the wiki pretty fun. Have you read in the "Goofs" section that The Ugly One has navy blue fingers and arms in issue 8? That was added by me.

[edit] Bests and Worsts of HSR

I got this idea from Jnelson09. (Please don't kill my legs!!!)

[edit] The Best...

[edit] The Worst...

[edit] My Sigs

Check 'em out!

[edit] About me

  • I have a sister and a half-brother, though I always call him my "brother."
  • My sister and I are pure Americans (we were born in the US), but my parents and brother immigrated.
  • I'm normally antisocial, so if you see me, don't be surprised if I ignore you.
  • I'm "unilingal" (aka I only speak one language), but I'm interested in learning German and Japanese.
  • I don't swear. Family rule.

[edit] How You Know You're Addicted to Homestar Runner

  • You're taking a personality quiz and you see so many answers that obviously refer to a certain character and you can't help but say the name out loud.
  • You see a joke that relates to HSR and you can't stop looking at it and laughing.
  • You sign onto a website that allows you to create sheet music and listen to it and the first one you do is a Homestar Runner song.
  • You accidentally type in the URL for the HR Wiki when you want to go to Google to look up something.
  • You get a Homestar Runner song stuck in you head and you can't stop singing it.
  • You decide to draw during free time at school. 'Nuff said.
  • Your favorite exclamation is "Oh my goodness graphics."
  • You say things differently in you head than you do out loud:

[edit] External Links

My Fanstuff Wiki 2 account!

...Yes, there is a Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki 2. I HAVE to spread the news. Fangoriously made another. So far, I think we're the only people there. So for those of you who miss the old wiki and don't wanna be stuck on deviantART all day, come over and sign up!

BHS · Talk to me

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