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Must be using the wrong bait!

The old man, also known as the innkeeper, is a character in Peasant's Quest who runs an inn. He appears to have no luck at fishing. In the quest, you'll help him get a nibble by throwing the chicken feed in the water, and he'll open the inn for you. After he opens the inn, he seems to develop a need to wave his arms wildly, even going so far as to write himself a note to remind him to do so. If you throw him anything else, he'll get very angry. He also tries to pop medication in the baby's mouth when you give the baby to him in the inn. He's not included in the movie trailer.

The Old Man also appears in 8-Bit is Enough. His inn has a Ye Flask, a box containing an "Anti-Social Angus" Goodgraphicketeers trading card, and a crate containing an all-purpose medkit. The Old Man says that he had, recently, set up a carriage tow and repair service at his inn. He follows Strong Bad to the bush between The Stick and the Drive-Thru Whale, where Limozeen's Space Machine is stuck. As the Old Man tries to tow the space-bus out of the bush, Trogdor sneaks up behind him and burninates him. Luckily, his fire breath also burns the bush and frees the space-bus, so the Old Man does not die in vain.

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