Strong Bad and The Cheat's Relationship

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The dynamic duo in action, grossing out Coach Z.

Strong Bad and The Cheat's relationship is a mix of several feelings. Officially, The Cheat is Strong Bad's lackey, and while they often work together, they're not always kind. Sometimes, Strong Bad hurts The Cheat, both emotionally and physically. Sometimes, The Cheat betrays Strong Bad and works with someone else, at Strong Bad's expense. However, Strong Bad is generally nice to The Cheat.


[edit] Strong Bad and The Cheat working together

[edit] Strong Bad being mean to The Cheat

  • Strong Bad frequently criticizes The Cheat's cartoons.
  • Strong Bad frequently kicks The Cheat.
  • Email vacation — Strong Bad claims that he has been lashing out at The Cheat more often than usual (according to Strong Mad).
  • Quote of the week — Strong Bad says that he going to throw a bunch of pies at The Cheat.
  • Email techno — Strong Bad grounds The Cheat for throwing light switch raves.
  • Email your friends — Strong Bad duct tapes The Cheat to the side of Pom Pom.
  • Pumpkin Carve-nivalBubs makes a pumpkin that scares The Cheat away. Strong Bad (disguised as Homestar), being pleased with the result, gives Bubs a "not last place" ribbon.
  • Email huttah! — All the fans write nice things about The Cheat and Strong Bad disagrees with all of them. Caught in the act, he tries to cover it up by saying that they're actually mean to him and replacing up his own name in the emails with The Cheat's to make it seem like they're writing mean things about him.
  • Email english paper — The final sentence of the English paper Strong Bad writes reads: "Also, I think Strong Bad should decrease The Cheat's allowance."
  • Email caper — Strong Bad gets mad at The Cheat for messing up their past caper.
  • Email 2 years — Strong Bad puts The Cheat in the dryer since breakfast.
  • Email funny — Strong Bad makes a mess with ketchup, and tells The Cheat to clean it.
  • Email stupid stuff — The Cheat offers Strong Bad some Cheatcakes, but Strong Bad tells him to "get that mess outta here" and smacks the plate out of The Cheat's hands.
  • The Cheatar — When Strong Bad discovers The Cheat can't turn into a giant guitar he says to him "What good are ya?"
  • Email crying — Strong Bad makes The Cheat cry using his picture of Li'l Brudder.
  • Email animal — After Strong Bad creates Sterrance, he claims him to be "way cuter than that stupid, ugly, old, washed-up The Cheat he used to have".
  • Email secret recipes — Strong Bad says he has a secret recipe for cooking the C H E _ T.
  • Email bedtime story — Strong Bad throws 2 or 3 roach foggers into The Cheat's bed, causing a big explosion and nearly killing him.
  • Trogdor Con '97 — Strong Bad tells The Cheat that he doesn't pay him enough and The Cheat corrects Strong Bad that he doesn't pay him at all.
  • Email portrait — Strong Bad calls The Cheat, along with Strong Mad, his no talent minion.
  • Email lady fan — Strong Bad puts The Cheat in the dryer and makes him sick and puke.
  • Email looking old — Strong Bad says to The Cheat, as well as Bubs, Strong Mad, and Marzipan, "These are all terrible ideas. What do you think I'm not payin' ya for?"
  • Date Nite — Strong Bad isn't happy that The Cheat is dating Marzipan and he suggests to Homestar that they drown both of them. Homestar and Strong Bad later attempt to ruin The Cheat and Marzipan's date.
  • Email licensed — Strong Bad buys two cases of ferret ointment and uses it on The Cheat, upon hearing that they'll make him "swell up like a balloon."
  • 8-Bit is Enough — Strong Bad scolds The Cheat for going near the FunMachine with Gel-Arshie's Pro Fruitboarder without his permission.
  • Email fan club (DVD commentary) — Strong Bad says the Cinder Block is the only member of The Deleteheads that he respects, including The Cheat.
  • Email sbemail 206 — Strong Bad appears to have had something to do with an ambiguously gluten-free The-Cheat-shaped lump in Marzipan’s throat.

[edit] The Cheat betraying Strong Bad

  • The Luau — The Cheat, along with everyone else at Strong Bad's "party", hastily leaves for the source of the fire so that he can roast his marshmallow.
  • A Mother's Day Message — The Cheat, along with Strong Mad, Homestar Runner, and Pom Pom, ridicules Strong Bad's sailor costume
  • Email extra plug — The Cheat leaves Strong Bad to watch TV with Strong Mad and Strong Sad; however, he, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and Homestar later come back to help him with his unplugged email.
  • Email sibbie — The Cheat plays a beat that causes Strong Bad to make up a song he didn't want to write.
  • Email impression — The Cheat beats Strong Bad in a Strong Sad look-alike contest.
  • Email labor day — The Cheat, along with Strong Mad, goes to the labor day BBQ without Strong Bad.
  • Email secret recipes — The Cheat throws a floppy disk at Strong Bad. Later in an Easter egg, The Cheat reads a book entitled "So You Wanna Cook a Wrestleman?"
  • Email rock opera — The Cheat throws another rose toward Strong Bad after he told him to "cut it out".
  • Puppet Time — The Cheat steals stuff from Strong Bad.
  • Email disconnected — The Cheat reacts with disappointment when Strong Bad decides not to chop his head off.
  • Email business trip — Homestar mentions that The Cheat got promoted to "Junior Executive of Not Having to Go on Pointless Business Trips". Strong Bad exclaims that "[he's] been trying to get that job for years."
  • Email your edge — When Strong Bad attempts to kick The Cheat as a "classic shenani-move", The Cheat hits him in retaliation.
  • Summer Short Shorts — In a PBTC segment, The Cheatsaurus burns Caveman Strong Bad into a lobster.
  • Date Nite — The Cheat goes on a date with Marzipan, with Strong Bad's disapproval.
  • Strong Badia the Free — The Cheat (and Tire) secede from Strong Badia to form "The Cheat and Tirerea", complaining that Strong Bad kicks him too much and takes him for granted. Later, during the war against The King of Town, The Cheat betrays the Homestarmy by defecting to the Municipality along with Coach Z and Homsar.
  • A Death Defying Decemberween — The Cheat goes to a "previous engagement", much to Strong Bad's chagrin.
  • 8-Bit is Enough — The Cheat disobeys Strong Bad by switching games in the FunMachine while Spirits of '76 was still loading.

[edit] The Cheat working or hanging out with someone else

[edit] Strong Bad being nice to The Cheat

  • Where's The Cheat? — Strong Bad wants to find The Cheat when he is missing.
  • Everybody to the Limit — Strong Bad likes The Cheat's music video and offers him a pizza.
  • Email new hands — Strong Bad imagines using his bucket-hand to wash The Cheat, though the latter is discomforted.
  • Email privileges — Strong Bad gives The Cheat some privileges as a reward.
  • Strumstar Hammer — Strong Bad edits out The Cheat's cheating, as well as Homestar's abuse of The Cheat.
  • Email different town — In Strong Bad's imagination, he imagines The Stick as a Big Ol' Tree that would eat everybody except The Cheat and himself.
  • Email caper — Strong Bad apologises to the Cheat for being mean to him.
  • Email cheatday — Strong Bad celebrates The Cheat's birthday ("Cheatday").
  • Email pizzaz — Strong Bad calls The Cheat "too cool" to dress like a ship's captain.
  • Halloween Fairstival — Strong Bad spends the entire toon trying to get rid of The Cheat's hiccups.
  • Email do over — Strong Bad felt bad about kicking The Cheat, and wanted to redo little animal by being nice to the Cheat instead of kicking him.
  • Email — Strong Bad describes The Cheat as his "holy-crap-adorable pet".
  • Email bedtime story — Strong Bad puts The Cheat to bed.
  • Trogdor Con '97 — Strong Bad compliments The Cheat on his plans.
  • Email looking old — The Cheat is one of the people Strong Bad calls to his emergency marketing meeting, referring to him as one of "the best, the brightest, the people [he] hate[s] the least".
  • Drive-Thru — Strong Bad tries to get a blue toy for The Cheat.
  • Email rough copy — Strong Bad awards The Cheat soft tacos.
  • Email business trip — Strong Bad buys The Cheat a wind-up Spirit of St. Louis plane, but The Cheat does not appreciate it.
  • Jibblies 2 — Strong Bad views The Cheat as one of the "good characters" and seems genuinely concerned for him and Strong Mad.
  • Kick-A-Ball — Strong Bad picks The Cheat first.
  • Email dictionary — Strong Bad attempts to potty train the Cheat.
  • Fish Eye Lens — In an Easter egg after the cartoon, Strong Bad is thoroughly impressed by The Cheat's music video to the point where he can only stutter. The Cheat takes this stutter and does a short remix of it, which ends with Strong Bad loudly declaring he will buy The Cheat a pizza. A ceiling pizza then falls on the two of them, which pleases The Cheat and bewilders Strong Bad.
  • Haunted Photo Booth — Strong Bad takes pictures with The Cheat and Strong Mad in the Photo Boooth.
  • Front Facing — Strong Bad tries to reassure The Cheat as he sobs over being stuck in back-facing mode and helps him face forwards with Homestar's "spell".
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