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Blue pants?! Who the crap made me wear those?

The Character Cards page was a small Flash file that contains a dozen trading cards depicting the main characters of Homestar Runner. The characters selected indicate that the "main character" cast was still in flux: some characters now considered "main" are excluded here, and two characters featured on these cards have not gone on to star in any toons.

This page was never linked to from anywhere on, and was later removed altogether from the site.

Date: 2000


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long haired freaky cheat
  • The page's minimalistic design lacks character descriptions typical of other character pages, potentially indicating it was unfinished.
  • The general design of the characters indicate this page was developed between the Old Characters Page and the Yearbook Character Page.
    • Many of the character illustrations are similar to those used in the menu of the Yearbook.
  • The Cheat is illustrated with a shaggy, furry outline — a design never used in an actual toon.
  • Twelve cards are featured, but only eight cards can be seen in the stacked deck.

[edit] Goofs

  • The Unguraits are not illustrated with shadows.
  • The clickable area of the cards is misaligned, a good bit to the right of where the cards actually are.

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