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Full view of the computer room

The computer room is named for being the area of the house of the Brothers Strong in which Strong Bad's computer, currently the Lappier, is kept; as such, it is also where he answers most of his emails. The computer sits on a rectangular table top next to a container of floppy disks labelled with the titles of computer games, usually from the 1980s-1990s era.

In no loafing, Strong Bad claims to have been using the room since at least 1987, when the No Loafing sign was hung on the wall to the far left of the table (although in the modern day, it is usually shown on the right). At the time, the room sported an orange floor and tacky wallpaper featuring pears and flowers; the wallpaper has since been stripped down and the walls painted blue. There is burnt orange shag carpeting beneath the table (which the stool somehow manages to make sound like wood as it scoots across), and it abruptly ends on the left side, exposing gray flooring. Mike Chapman makes fun of this oversight in the DVD commentary for techno, saying, "The Strong house has problems."

Among the room's problems is its inconsistent layout — in gimmicks, the Tandy 400's explosion blows Strong Bad past three windows and four doors, but in little animal, Strong Mad chases Strong Bad around the room, and only one door and one window are seen. The door is sometimes shown on the left wall (as in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People) and sometimes on the right (as in email thunder). There is usually a window on the opposite wall, whereas in gimmicks, this wall instead divides the room from Strong Sad's.

In cheat talk, there is shown to be an old sycamore tree outside, which makes a "Douglas" sound when its branch rubs the window. In pop-up, the ceiling is shown to have recessed lighting, a fact which was previously stated in different town. Another custom feature of this room is the special light switch set just the right height for The Cheat, which also activates disco lights. Under the table is a power outlet with two plugs; one for the computer, and another that was once used to power a pair of 'Lectric Boots, consequently causing a power outage.

Only five emails have been answered elsewhere, including the bird, part-time job, and from work. In both weird dream and imaginary, Strong Bad is forced to use another computer (Tangerine Dreams in The Cheat's computer room and the Corpy NT6 in his basement, respectively) due to his previous ones exploding.

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