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Extremely unphotographic sketches

In the Strong Bad Email high school, Strong Bad reminisced on what the main characters of Homestar Runner were like in their younger years. In middle school, he claims that the gang was "a bunch of melon-headed babies with gigantic eyes and enormous imaginations." Although he states the characters depicted are in middle school, they appear to be infants or toddlers in a nursery school. However, this may be due to his "extremely unphotographic (or doodle) memory". They appear to be a parody of Jim Henson's Muppet Babies.

Image Description Appearances
"I'm pretending I'm the craptain of the foortball torm!" Baby Coach Z

He wears green footie pajamas with yellow toes, supporting the notion that the modern-day Coach Z wears a green body suit. As opposed to his usual empty gray circles, Baby Coach Z has full black eyes. He tosses a cardboard box labeled "NOT A BALL!" (despite the fact that there is a football right next to him) up and down as he pretends to be "the craptain of the foortball torm". Here, Coach Z and Strong Bad are shown to be around the same age, contradicting the email stand-up, which showed Coach Z to be an adult while Strong Bad was a kid. However, this is likely due to Strong Bad's "doodle memory". As seen in a Sketchbook sketch, he was originally considered to have an afro and mustache, similar to his younger adult self.

high school, Sketchbook (Feb 22 2007)
"I'm pretending I'm playing better video games!" Baby Strong Bad

He is wearing a blue hat, a diaper, and a dimple on his chin. His left eye has a star-shaped reflection, which was also seen in Strong Bad's stylizations from Main Page 11 and the Old 404 error page. He pretends to be playing better video games, and complains that "that freakin' duck swallowed both [his] pixels". Judging by the "freakin' duck", he is probably playing Adventure, though the sound effects are from Secret Collect. and he is holding an NES controller.

Strong Bad previously appeared as a baby in record book, where he more resembles Li'l Strong Bad.

high school
"These are for my twin brother!" The Diapersmith

He wears a blue bonnet and has one curly strand of hair. His eyes look more similar to each other, although still slightly different sizes. His orange shoulder-length gloves are lighter and suprisingly clean. The Poopsmith's shovel appears to have been predated by a baby rattle that is either similarly besmirched with whatsit, or simply decorated in a pattern that suggests it. Behind him is a large pile of diapers. Baby Strong Sad pretends he is not sitting next to him. Also, he blows a raspberry—one of the few times that he's seen to make a noise with his mouth.

high school, Sketchbook (Feb 22 2007)
"I'm pretending I'm not sitting next to The Diapersmith." Baby Strong Sad

He has a pink bow on his head, long eyelashes, and a frilly divide between his torso and legs that make him look like a girl. The toes of his soolnds are complete circles. He pretends that he is not sitting next to The Diapersmith. He apparently does not have his belly button yet, which Strong Bad implied to have given him using a drill, as seen in a flashback from origins.

high school, Sketchbook (Feb 22 2007)
"Phthbt!" Baby Pom Pom

His body resembles a Bumble Ball, and he has no distinguishable head, with his eyes on his body. His limbs are flatter, and he has a thin orange stripe above his usual one. He only briefly appears as he bounces across the screen.

high school
"Now you children skedaddle." 100px" Homestar Runner

Although Homestar Runner does not make an appearance as an infant, he does appear as an adult nanny character who tells the children to "skedaddle" while waving a broom at them. He has red and white striped pants akin to his teenage counterpart seen earlier in the same email, and is only seen from the waist down. Unlike the other middle school characters, his voice is the same as the modern-day counterpart. He appears to be a reference to Nanny from Muppet Babies, as she was only shown from the waist down.

Homestar does gain an infant form on the Homestar Babies baby clothes item in the Store. In this version, as shown in the bottom image, he has a lighter blue propeller cap with no brim and a rounder propeller. He has bigger eyes and a puffier overbite with a sticking-out tongue. He also has a round red body with a white puffy star, and two blue shoes.

high school (as an adult), Store (As a baby)

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