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"You better believe it, man!"
This article is about the toon. For the place, see Marshmallow's Last Stand (place).

Strong Bad and Strong Mad steal the star from Homestar Runner's shirt in order to force Homestar and Pom Pom to participate in a tag-team wrestling match. This cartoon, which is one of the first ever full-length Homestar Runner toons, has been removed from the site.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Announcer, Mr. Bland, Coach Z, Strong Sad, Señor, Marzipan, Bubs, The King of Town, The Poopsmith, The Robot (storybook), Various Audience Characters

Places: Marshmallow's Last Stand, Arena, Outer Space

Running Time: 5:00

Date: Finished November 1999, released January 2000

Page Title: 8:30! Be there!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2


[edit] Transcript

{There is a color-changing background with white text that reads:}


This cartoon is pretty old. It was the first  cartoon
we ever made. Homestar is not very funny and
neither is Strong Bad. They are mere shadows of
the men they have become. This cartoon has not
been on the site for many months, but we have had
several requests(from our Dad) to put it back. So
here it is. Consider yourselves warned.

{The title card displays the name of the toon in pink with credits of "Written & directed by Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman, Chad Eikhoff" in blue. The credits sink offscreen and the title zooms toward the camera. Cut to an interior view of a window labeled "Marshmallow's Last Stand", and pan over to Homestar and Pom Pom sitting at a table each with a marshmallow. A framed picture and a door are behind them.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: These are some great marshmallows, eh, Pom Pom?

{Cut to a closeup of Homestar and Pom Pom.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: ...Why don't you look over there, for no reason?

{Pom Pom bubbles and looks away as Homestar inhales, sucking up Pom Pom's marshmallow. Cut to an extreme closeup of Homestar as he chews it up, then cut back to the wide shot. He gulps the marshmallow and takes a bite of his own. Suddenly, heavy metal music plays in the background as Strong Bad and Strong Mad walk up in the foreground in silhouette. Cut to and zoom out from them at the restaurant's entrance, as they come out of silhouette.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, look at the babies! Eating their marshmallows!

{Cut to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Uh-oh, it's The Brothers Strong, Strong Bad and Strong Mad!

{Cut to a wide shot as the metal music ends. Strong Bad and Strong Mad are standing between Homestar and Pom Pom's table and a set of stools.}

STRONG BAD: You better believe it, man. We're the greatest tag team wrestlers in the world!

{Strong Mad nods. Cut to a closeup of Homestar and Pom Pom.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's great, Strong Bad! Have a good time!

POM POM: {Bubbles over Homestar's line}

{Cut to a closeup of Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: No, you morones {"morons" with Strong Bad's old, affected Mexican accent}. We're challenging you to the tag-team match!

{Cut to a closeup of Homestar}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hmm... no thanks.

{Cut to Strong Bad and Strong Mad with the restaurant's entrance behind them. They both get angry and growl as radio interference noises are heard. Then cut to Strong Bad as he leans forward.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, you gimme this!

{Cut to Homestar's shirt, from which Strong Bad rips off the star, then cut to a wider shot of Homestar, with sad eyebrows.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey! Gimme back my star!

{Cut back to the wide shot of the whole group. Strong Bad waves the star in his hand.}

STRONG BAD: Of course, but first you have to beat us in the ring!

{Homestar's mouth goes agape, and he turns to Pom Pom. Cut to the closeup of the two.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {turns to Pom Pom} What do you say, Pom Pom, old friend?

POM POM: {bubbles in agreement}

{Zoom in and Dutch angle on Homestar.}


{Cut to outside a stadium labeled "ARENA" with many cars parked outside. A city skyline is visible in the background. After a moment, another car parks, immediately followed by clamoring crowds of people entering the stadium. Cut to a close-up of the door as people enter, and zoom in on the poster taped on the wall to the right. The poster is black-and-white and features Homestar and Pom Pom on the left, Strong Bad and Strong Mad on the right, and Homestar's star in the lower middle. There is text on it that reads: "The War for the Star Tonight!!! 8:30 PM". The scene changes to the ring, in which the announcer, holding a card, is standing with spotlights shining over him, surrounded by clamoring silhouetted crowds, who continue their noise for the rest of the toon.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {heavy echo} Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to The War for the Star!

{Cut to a closer shot of the ring, where a microphone descends to near the announcer's face. He steps slightly to the left.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {heavy echo} In this corner, at a combined weight of one million pounds, hailing from Parts Unknown, The Brothers Strong—

{Cut to an empty corner of the ring.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {heavy echo} —Strong Mad and Strong Bad!

{Each fall into the ring as his name is called. Cut to a closeup of the announcer, who grabs and leans into the microphone.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {heavy echo} And now, the hometown favorites, at a combined weight of one hundred and four pounds—

{Cut to a grey floor with a black background, where a grid of lightbulbs turn on from the ground up to reveal silhouettes of Homestar and Pom Pom.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {heavy echo} —Homestar Runner and Pom Pom! {A light shines on each one as his name is called.}

{The cheering crowd is shown, which consists of Mr. Bland, Señor, Marzipan, Bubs, Coach Z, The King of Town, The Poopsmith, The Robot, Strong Sad, and other various people. Señor is wearing a giant styrofoam hand; Mr. Bland is holding a sign that says "Wrestling Mania!!!"; and The Poopsmith is holding a sign that says "I'm #2". Cut to the bell, which has a face drawn on it. It rings. Cut to an orange background filled with speed lines, where Homestar, seen from below with his star-motif shoe soles visible, performs a flying kick. Then cut to the ring, where the kick meets Strong Bad's head, and cut to a closeup as he is knocked down. Strong Bad gets up, but Homestar knocks him to the ground with the same kick presented in the same way, and then body slams him. Cut to Strong Mad on the sidelines. Strong Bad, who is dizzy from said kick as stars spin around his head and birds tweet, walks up to Strong Mad. Cut to their hands as Strong Bad tags Strong Mad in. Then cut to and zoom out from a wide shot of Homestar. Strong Mad's feet stomp in in the foreground. Cut to a view from behind Homestar looking up at an enormous Strong Mad as it pans up.}


{Cut to Strong Mad and Homestar at normal size. Strong Mad grabs Homestar by the head, tossing him twirling upwards, and grabs his legs. Then cut to a view of the whole ring, where Strong Mad proceeds to swing Homestar overhead, slamming him on the ground as the others look on, Strong Bad in the foreground and Pom Pom in the background. Strong Mad then tosses Homestar out of the ring. Cut to Pom Pom seeing Homestar flying overhead and crashing offscreen with stars flying. Zoom in as Pom Pom gets angry, then back out as he vaults over the top rope, the camera following him and lights beaming behind him as he does so. Cut to Strong Mad. Pom Pom gets stuck onto Strong Mad's fist. Strong Mad beats him against the boxing ring floor repeatedly, and Pom Pom wobbles and falls over while Strong Mad nods and raises his fist. The crowd boos. Cut to Homestar on the sidelines.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Pom Pom, look out!

{Cut to Pom Pom on the floor, who winks with a ding, then cut back to Homestar.}


{Cut to Strong Mad at the top turnbuckle, getting ready to deliver the finishing move. He raises his arms and jumps off the turnbuckle as the crowd gasps. Cut to the view of the whole ring as he splashes onto Pom Pom, but yells as he is bounced offscreen. Then cut to a view of Earth from space, where Strong Mad comes out of Free Country, USA. Cut back to Strong Bad at the corner of the ring, where he jumps over the top rope and stomps around as the crowd boos. Cut to Homestar, already back in the ring, as he bounces off of the ropes toward the camera, then cut to a view from behind him as he zooms into Strong Bad. Cut to a side view of Homestar taking Strong Bad out by smashing his head into his face. Strong Bad gets up. Cut to a close up of Homestar's face while music from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly starts playing with dark bars appearing up to his eyes. A close-up of Strong Bad with the same music and effect follows, followed by a cut to a wide shot of the two of them as the music stops. To helicopter rotor sounds, Strong Bad attempts a windmill punch while slowly walking towards Homestar, but Homestar looks at the fourth wall, kicks Strong Bad's stomach and lifts him, straining with a red face before finally tossing him out of the ring. Cut to the outside of the ring, where Strong Bad lands head-first and topples over. He then crawls to grab a lit bomb from under the ring while mumbling incoherently. He jumps back up. Cut to the ring, where he lands, walks to Homestar and shoves the bomb down his throat to crowd gasps. He then punches Homestar's belly, and the camera then cuts to a closeup of Homestar's torso.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Homestar's stomach gurgles} Ooh, I ate too many marshmallows...

{Pan up to his face as it turns green and he pukes the bomb and some marshmallow-y goo, then cut to Strong Bad's head, where the bomb and goo stick. Cut to a zoomed-out shot of the entire ring.}

STRONG BAD: {running around frantically} AUGH! Getitoffme getitoffme getitoffme!

{The bomb explodes and the screen fills up with smoke. When the dust clears, it reveals a ground-level view of Homestar proudly standing atop Strong Bad with lights shining over and behind them. Strong Bad has a chunk missing from his head and marshmallow goo all over his face.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {Numbers appear as the announcer says them.} One! Two! Three!

{Cut back to a view of the crowd as they cheer. Then cut to a view of the whole ring with Strong Bad standing on the lower left, Homestar and Pom Pom on the upper right, and the announcer in the middle. Strong Mad falls from offscreen with a whistle and lands next to Strong Bad with a slam. Camera flashes go off in the crowd.} Ladies and gentlemen, your winners, Homestar Runner and Pom Pom!

{A flash fills the screen, revealing a black-and-white picture of Homestar Runner and Pom Pom, labeled "Winners". Cut to a closeup of Homestar in the ring.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Now how about my star back, Strong Bad?

{Cut to a wide shot of Strong Bad with Strong Mad behind him. Frustrated, Strong Bad tears up Homestar's star while muttering something unintelligible, and Strong Mad nods. Cut to an extreme closeup of an angered Homestar, with the background turning red, then to Homestar again doing a flying kick on a background of speed lines. A cartoon explosion with "BUH-LAM!!" written on it covers the screen. A cut then reveals Strong Bad lying on the ground with stars of confusion floating around his head. Homestar kicks one of the stars to himself and it hangs in the air so he can grab it.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Voice echoing} Homestar....RUN!

{He jumps up and the star of pain becomes a star on his shirt. An orange iris out frames Homestar and theme music plays as text is displayed reading "the end." The text scrolls over to reveal "animation...mike chapman, matt chapman, chad eikhoff", which scrolls off to "voices...matt chapman", before again reading "the end."}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • Varying explanations have been given for why Marshmallow's Last Stand is not on the site, having been removed by mid-2001.
    • In a 2001 interview, Mike explains that the toon was removed due to its age: "The characters are completely different. Saying and doing things they'd never do now." Dissatisfaction with the toon's quality is again implied as the reason for its removal in the DVD description, which calls the toon "pretty old" and "not very funny".
    • After A Jumping Jack Contest was taken off the site in August 2003, Matt explained in an interview that October that both toons had been removed for "a personal reason" that he couldn't discuss further; he expressed hope that "they'll be back on someday", a sentiment echoed in the FAQ.
  • The Poopsmith's sign reads "I'm #2". "Number two" is also a slang term for whatsit.

[edit] Trivia

Friendly (and some forgotten!) faces in the crowd.
  • The framed sign behind Homestar Runner changes repeatedly in the restaurant. The order which they are shown in is:
    • Nice to Meat You (picture of a steak)
    • Lettuce Pray (picture of lettuce)
    • Get Toasted (picture of toast with butter)
    • Say Cheese (picture of cheese)
    • Get Toasted (picture of toast)
    • Eggs-Treme (picture of fried eggs)
    • Pie-Fect!! (picture of a slice of pie)
    • Say Cheese (picture of a slice of cheese)
    • Lettuce Pray (picture of a head of lettuce)
    • Nice to Meat You (picture of a steak)
  • According to Pom Pom's character video, he weighs 4 pounds. Combining this fact with Pom Pom and Homestar's combined weight according to this toon, Homestar weighs 100 pounds.
  • Similarly, Strong Mad's sticker page places him at 900 pounds. Despite the obvious exaggeration, with Strong Bad and Strong Mad's supposed weight, this places Strong Bad at about 999,100 pounds.
  • According to a now non-existent comment in the Homestar Runner Museum, this was the first Homestar Runner cartoon to use voice acting. Each character's voice has developed since then.
  • The Brothers Chaps parody lucha libre-style wrestling with Strong Bad's south-of-the-border accent and wrestling mask.
  • In this toon, Homestar Runner has a hint of a southern accent. This is likely because The Brothers Chaps live in Georgia.
  • This cartoon was co-written and co-directed by Chad Eikhoff.
  • In this cartoon, Strong Mad has visible chest hair on several occasions.
  • Homestar Runner has stars on the treads of his sneaker soles.
  • This is the first toon in which The Poopsmith, The King of Town, and Marzipan appear.
  • This toon has a URL that ends with 2.
  • Not counting toons that were released in 2007 or later and have yet to be released on DVD, this toon took the longest amount of time for any toon to come to DVD, as Everything Else, Volume 2 was released nearly seven years later.

[edit] Remarks

  • Homestar tells Pom Pom the marshmallows are great before having visibly tried them.
  • Although Strong Sad appears in the toon, he isn't referred to as one of The Brothers Strong. This might be because Strong Sad was disowned by Strong Bad and Strong Mad, according to an old Characters page that was drawn in the same style as this toon.

[edit] Goofs

  • The Announcer begins speaking before the microphone is lowered to him, and once the microphone is lowered his voice isn't any louder.
  • Although Homestar's star has five points, Strong Bad appears to tear the star into four triangular pieces.
  • Strong Bad's pants turn blue when Homestar wrestles Strong Mad. When Strong Bad steps back in the ring, they are black again.
    • His pants are also blue near the end of the toon, after the Brothers Strong lose and are standing at the side of the ring while the Announcer is announcing Homestar and Pom Pom as the winners.
  • When the Brothers Strong first jump into the ring, Strong Mad looks unusually short.
  • When Homestar says, "Hey! Give me back my star," his voice sounds a little cut off at the beginning.
  • After Strong Bad's face explodes from the bomb, the marshmallow on his face changes with every shot. The last time he is shown, he has no marshmallow on his face at all.
  • When Homestar jumps up to grab the gold star and says "Homestar....RUN!", Strong Bad doesn't scroll down with the rest of the floor while he is lying down.
  • When Strong Bad grabs the bomb from under the ring, on the left of Strong Bad's hands, the blue is overlapping his face, and to the right of his hands, his hand's outline extends into the blue.
  • Starting at the Arena, the audio is poorly synched, getting worse near the end. Strangely, the audio can be heard to be perfectly synched in the director commentary.
  • Sometimes, when the ring is zoomed out far enough, there is a gap in the top left corner where the graphics for the audience end before the frame.
  • When Homestar says "Homestar...RUN!" his mouth doesn't move.
  • The final screen is in two slightly, but noticeably, different shades of orange.
  • Homestar's star is off-line; there are still some parts where it isn't red.
  • When the Brothers Strong enter the stand, their silhouettes show them facing the viewer, not Homestar and Pom Pom.
  • At the very end, Homestar's new star is not in the same place as the old one; a bit of the shadow is still on there after he gets his new star.
  • When Strong Bad and Strong Mad tag each other, their hands go through each other.

[edit] Real-World References

  • The rainbow-colored warning is most likely a reference to an old FBI warning used by Paramount Pictures. It is also used in the DVDs.
  • "The War for the Star" is a parody of boxing matches with rhyming titles (e.g. The Rumble in the Jungle, Thrilla in Manila).
  • The Announcer says Strong Bad hails from Parts Unknown. Having more exotic characters coming from "Parts Unknown" has been used in wrestling for decades.
  • Mr. Bland is holding a sign that says "Wrestling Mania". This is quite likely a reference to the annual WWE WrestleMania event.
  • The music played when Homestar and Strong Bad are staring each other down comes from the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  • The largely ineffective "windmill punch" Strong Bad tries to use on Homestar has actually been used in real life to similar comedic effect, during one of the wrestling matches comedian Andy Kaufman staged with professional wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler. The sound effect used during the toon was taken from the PC game SimCopter.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • The sound played when Strong Mad flies into space later becomes associated with Nebulon, and is usually heard when he enters or leaves a scene, for example, in the Powered by The Cheat cartoon, New Boots.
  • The sound played when Homestar is being slammed about by Strong Mad is the same sound used in the game Bronco Trolleys, and also when Eh! Steve! jumps off-screen.
  • The music played at the end is also used in Old Intro 2. It is also heard remixed in flashback after Strong Bad wins The Cheat.
  • This type of art, animation and comedy was parodied in the emails personal favorites and
  • The font used for the 1, 2, 3 count that appears when Homestar pins Strong Bad to the ground is the same as the Tandy 400's font (which is Westminster).
  • Homestar's comment on having eaten too many marshmallows mirrors a similar lamentation on drinking too many Melonades in A Jumping Jack Contest.
  • Two of the scenes from this toon were exaggerated in Exaggerations.

[edit] DVD Version

  • The poor synching of the dialogue and the sound effects appears to have been fixed — until the part where Homestar kicks Strong Bad in the gut, after which the synching is much worse than on the website.
    • Strangely enough, the synching appears to be completely fixed during the commentary.
  • The music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is replaced with custom music sung by the Brothers Chaps probably due to copyright reasons; however, the original soundtrack can be heard during the commentary.
  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.
  • The "warning" at the beginning is shown automatically and is shown in a different font than on the website.

[edit] Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Homestar Runner, Mike Chapman)

HOMESTAR: Best cartoon on the site!

MIKE: Hey, Homestar!

HOMESTAR: Best cartoon on the site!

MIKE: Hey, Homestar. {pause} {whispers to Matt} One more time.

HOMESTAR: Best cartoon on the site!

MIKE: All right.

HOMESTAR: {to the same general tone and rhythm as "Best cartoon on the site."} Doot doot doo ba-da-doo!

MIKE: Okay, what's up, Homestar?

HOMESTAR: Oh, not a whole lot, Mike.

MIKE: Well, you know, I got a question for you.


MIKE: Why do you not have a hat in this cartoon?

HOMESTAR: Look, it was a, a sordid affair. Mike.

MIKE: 'Cause there was another cartoon called "Where My Hat Is At?" where you found your hat...

HOMESTAR: Right...

MIKE: And then...

HOMESTAR: Where do you think it was when I went home from this wrestling match?

MIKE: Was it back in the fridge—

HOMESTAR: Between the milk and the pickles, this time.


HOMESTAR: I didn't have no more Cold Ones.

MIKE: {during the Brothers Strong entrance music} Listen to those—

HOMESTAR: That was loud.

MIKE: —abrasive riffs on the guitar.

HOMESTAR: Um... I look great. In this cartoon.

MIKE: Yeah, you look great, you act great—


MIKE: You seem real great.

HOMESTAR: I wish that old marshmallow place got that old wallpaper they had back. I like that stuff.

MIKE: The green stripes?

HOMESTAR: And the crazy changing... changing gag framed picture behind me.

MIKE: Strong Bad's head looks like it's got an orange, uh, stripe on the right side there, instead of a shadow like it should.

HOMESTAR: Yeah. See, he doesn't look so good, but I look great. {In the cartoon, Strong Bad takes Homestar's star} Hey! I didn't even know that thing was removable. I thought you could see my portions when you—

MIKE: So your star's not—

HOMESTAR: —tore the star off.

MIKE: Your portions? {slight laugh}


MIKE: Lots of silence, Homestar.

HOMESTAR: Yeah... We didn't, we didn't think music was the way to go back in these days.

MIKE: {laughs}

HOMESTAR: Um, the arena. Where'd that go—

MIKE: Well, they tore it down—

HOMESTAR: Oh, is that what happened?

MIKE: Yeah, they imploded that, uh...

HOMESTAR: That's too bad. What'd they build on top of it, Bubs' Concession Stand?

MIKE: Yeah, that's where Bubs' Concession Stand is now.

HOMESTAR: Oh... Where did all these people?— {laughing}

MIKE: They all... The duck person...

HOMESTAR: Were they inside?

MIKE: Don King, you can see Don King there... They were all in—

HOMESTAR: When they imploded it?

MIKE: Yeah.

HOMESTAR: That's terrible!

MIKE: Well, they chose to. Y'know, like those people who chain themselves to trees and—


MIKE: —in the forest.

HOMESTAR: Right, right. So they're protesting work.

MIKE: Right. Now—

HOMESTAR: They got killed.

MIKE: {laughs} Yeah.

HOMESTAR: Look, that's the "Taking Care of Business" logo on that microphone.

MIKE: Ah...

HOMESTAR: Sort of.


HOMESTAR: TC and B. {in the cartoon, the Announcer introduces Homestar and Pom Pom} This is just like our old wrestling days, with the big entrance, Mike?

MIKE: Look, the bell's got a face. Is that—

HOMESTAR: That poor— that guy's dead too. That... what?

MIKE: The bell man?

HOMESTAR: Yeah. {In the cartoon, Homestar attacks Strong Bad} Waaah! I can't do that as good as I used to...

MIKE: You dropped a big leg. You dropped a big leg, and he gets to the corner... Oh, he makes the tag!

HOMESTAR: Oh, that's too bad... Uh oh, Mike. See, what'd I tell ya? {Strong Mad enters the ring} That guy...

MIKE: The crowd noise went away, Homestar!

HOMESTAR: They weren't very thrilled! They were appalled that this big guy got ahold of me and my mouth got so giant.

MIKE: Strong Bad's tights are blue there... Have they always been blue this whole cartoon?

HOMESTAR: I don't think so. ...Pom Pom's got a weird shaped head. Was that supposed to be some kind of perspective?

MIKE: It may have been perspective...

HOMESTAR: We're getting our butts kicked, Mike. I gotta tell ya.

MIKE: Yeah. Now what's going on?

HOMESTAR: Okay, there's the crowd. See, they were just worried about things, so they got quiet... And now—

MIKE: Pom Pom knows what he's doing.

HOMESTAR: Oh, he's got a plan. {of Strong Mad} Look at those meaty palms. Strong Mad's got real meaty palms.

{In the cartoon, Strong Mad flies into space, making the Nebulon sound}

HOMESTAR: {surprised} Nebulon! Where is he?

MIKE: You heard the Nebulon sound—

HOMESTAR: I heard him! He was just off-screen.

MIKE: {at nearly the same time} He must've been just off-screen. Ooh, a rare front view of yourself.

HOMESTAR: Ooh, it's true. Do you think Nebulon abducted Strong Mad there? {as the theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly plays} Don't listen very closely up here, Mike. 'Cause it's gonna be different later on. Um... Ooh, he's got the old helicopter move.

MIKE: You're not going to fall for that, are you?

HOMESTAR: No way, man.

MIKE: You're gonna give him a slow kick and then slowly lift him up.

HOMESTAR: Oh, I barely got him over there. He made a very hollow noise when he hit the ground. Ooh, he's doing his "haselos theselos". Strong Bad used to, when he got real excited, he'd go, "Haselos theselos, haselos theselos".

{In the toon, Homestar says, "I ate too many marshmallows."}

HOMESTAR: So, wait, is that just you in the background going "buuyuuyuuyuu..."?

MIKE: Very possibly.

HOMESTAR: Nice. Oh, this is— {In the toon, Homestar spits the bomb at Strong Bad} Eew! That's disgusting! {Strong Bad blows up} Man, Mike... Ooh, I look good there. I did some damage to ol' Strong Bad's head.

MIKE: You did?

HOMESTAR: I gotta tell ya. Look, there's the Robot!

MIKE: There was the Robot, and, uh, Poopsmith.

HOMESTAR: He's barely got a— There musta been a plug under the seat where he was sittin'.

MIKE: Oh, yeah, 'cause he can't be very far away—

HOMESTAR: Else he would've been shut down.

MIKE: —with his four-foot extension cord, power cord.

HOMESTAR: That was a nice little, uh, photograph. I should start autographing those and giving them out.

MIKE: Glossies?


MIKE: That's a glossy.

{In the toon, Strong Bad tears up the star}

HOMESTAR: Hey! {He does a flying kick against Strong Bad} Ah, I did it again! Buh-lam, Mike! Buh-lam and the angel. That's a good metal band.

MIKE: Who just said that?

HOMESTAR: Uh, not me.

MIKE: Apparently not.

HOMESTAR: Don't look at me! I had that recorded, pre-recorded.

MIKE: So Pom Pom just hit "mash play" on the—

HOMESTAR: On a jambox. Pretty expensive. Inexpensive.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Homestar saying his hat was "between the milk and the pickles, this time" and that he "didn't have no more Cold Ones" refers to Where My Hat Is At? in which Homestar found his hat between the milk and the Cold Ones.
  • Balaam and the Angel is an English rock band that toured with KISS and Iggy Pop in the late '80s.
  • The way Homestar mentions that Strong Bad says, "Haselos theselos, haselos theselos" may be a reference to Strong Bad's email intro in 2 years.

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