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A bronco on the trolley

Bronco Trolleys is a game that challenges you to make snacks for Homestar Runner. These curious snacks are concocted from Triscuits, peanut butter, and an orange slice. If you win, Homestar becomes really fat; if you lose, Homestar is a very skinny athlete.

Date: October 29, 2000, or earlier

Page Title: Bronco Trolleys!!


[edit] Instructions

A Bronco Trolley is Homestar Runner's favorite after-school snack. It is made by spreading peanut butter on a Triscuit, and topping it with a slice of orange. Help him make as many Bronco Trolleys as possible by clicking on the Triscuit, the peanut butter, and then the orange. Work fast; you've only got 30 seconds.

[edit] Game Over screens

You done good!
  • Low score (less than 10 points) : (Homestar is emaciated and looks concerned) "That's not a very good score. Homestar Runner is wasting away to almost nothing. Do better!"
  • Medium score (between 10 and 15 points) : (Homestar looks normal) "That was pretty good. If you try harder, you'll probably do better. Look at him standing there. He needs more food!"
  • High score (above 15 points) : (Homestar is fat and looks satisfied) "Wow! You done good! Homestar looks like he appreciated your help. I wonder if he could eat a few more."

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • In the l33t Interview, Mike Chapman said that Bronco Trolleys were inspired by a dream he had when the site started. He never actually ate one until later.

[edit] Remarks

[edit] Glitches

Super high score!
  • You can cheat by pressing Tab+Enter. You can make well over a hundred Bronco Trolleys using this method.
    • If you're good with this trick, try holding down the Enter key on the orange slice. If you get the timing right, your score will go through the roof and you can get over 800 Trolleys (but the third digit is not fully visible).
    • If you quickly and repeatedly press Enter on the peanut butter in order to bring up maximum oranges, then press Enter repeatedly on one of the oranges, it causes the count to go so fast that the timer apparently freezes. This way, you can score infinite points. After the finish, if you let go, it shows your timer as higher than 30.
    • There is a problem with this trick on some browsers; Tab can easily go to the Navbar on the bottom of the screen or to the URL bar on their browser, and if you press Enter, the Toons menu comes up or the page refreshes, canceling the game.
    • Another simple cheat is to click on the same cracker repeatedly, causing it to duplicate.
  • There is also a method for getting infinite time. When you get to the screen with the red start button, use a seek bar and drag it to the right a little. This starts the game, but with the time as zero. This way, you can play forever.
    • In the flash file, you can also get infinite time. On the screen with start button, right click and click on "play". It starts the game, but the clock stays at zero and never goes up so you can play forever.
  • If you press Tab and both Enter keys at the same time, whatever is next duplicates. If you have two people playing, one can press the Tab key and the other can press both enter keys.
  • You can click and hold a food, and drag your mouse away from it. You will not collect it.

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