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Free with proof of VCR‑have

Sometimes in the Homestar Runner body of work, a character uses a noun and a verb together in quick succession; in text format, the words are usually connected together with a hyphen.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Adjective-verb

[edit] Verb-verb

  • Jibblies 2 — Homestar refers to the Jibblies painting as "creep-take".
  • 8-bit is Enough — Strong Bad says knowing that Gel-arshie can look into his bedroom from the game is a "creep-take".
  • Squintmojis — A disclaimer during Homestar's mumbled account reads "Actual Talk-Say".
  • Stack 'Em to the Heavens! — Marshie points out that "Stack 'Em to the Heavens" is a talk-say he made a long time ago, and immediately scorns "these jerks" for stealing it.
  • Action Cool News-oween Report — A mustachioed Homestar, labelled Unconcerned Citizen, refers to the Jibblies Painting as a creep-take.

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