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Moist is an adjective meaning moderately or slightly wet or damp. Evidence indicates that Coach Z has an atypical affinity for things that are moist, not least of which being his alter-ego, Damp Towel Man's, job (collecting damp towels) and catch phrase ("Moist molecules!"). Aside from this, The Brothers Chaps have found some unique and unexpected ways to employ this word.

[edit] Coach Z's fondness for things that are moist

  • Halloween FairstivalStrong Bad mocks Coach Z's "Haunted Locka-room" and asks, "You got anything that's not just gross and moist?"
  • DNA Evidence — Coach Z recalls that, as Damp Towel Man, he discovered an especially-attractive damp towel and exclaimed, "Moist molecules! A green-stained damp towel! The rarest and most powerful kind!" Also, in an Easter egg, a Strong Badman cover page depicts a comic book version of Damp Towel Man wearing a presumably-damp towel with a caption reading "Moist molecules!!"
  • Email shapeshifter — Coach Z uses a moistened hundred dollar bill to purchase a Lamborghini hot tub from Bubs.
  • On Break — Coach Z describes the smells coming from his Drive-Thru Whale costume as being "Damp, moist, kimchi!"

[edit] Unusual usages

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