Coach Z pukes in dude's toupee

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Definitely a quality videograph of a humorous happening at someone's real wedding reception!
"I can smell those million-plus views already."

Cast (in order of appearance): Coach Z, Strong Bad (voice only), Senor Cardgage

Places: Gymnasium

Date: Monday, October 5, 2009

Running Time: 0:19


[edit] Transcript

{A shaky camcorder view (accomplished by The Brothers Chaps recording this animation off of a monitor with a real camcorder) of a wedding reception in the gymnasium, with Slide to the Right Y'all Bridesmaids playing and light shining on the floor. Coach Z, wearing a bow tie and an up-turned tuxedo front, is standing at a refreshments table, with a punch bowl and a tray of hors d'œuvres, one of which he's eating.}

STRONG BAD: {whispering} Shh shh shh! No-Shutup! Shh shh.

COACH Z: I tell ya, Strong Bad, these bacon-wrapped bacón-wrappés sure are— {begins to gag} —hork! {drops his hors d'œuvre} Who-bork! {leans hard on the table, knocking the tray off} And-I'd-like-to-finish-with-a-BLORK! {grabs a toupee from off-screen and pukes into it}

{Camera pans to include Senor Cardgage, who feels the top of his bare head.}

STRONG BAD: {quietly to himself} Oh, yeah. I can smell those million-plus views already.

{Coach Z offers the toupee back to Cardgage, who just looks at him. After a moment, Coach Z puts the toupee on his own head and nods to the music.}

[edit] Description

A quality videograph wherein Coach Z, being of pukeable stature, pukemakes most moistly into the perceived hairpiece of another wholly different and completely unrelated dude.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube video ID for this video is given in an Easter egg in videography.
  • There were two versions of this video, each with different names and descriptions. The first was "Dude pukes in other dude's toupee" and the current one is "Coach Z pukes in dude's toupee"
  • The video was posted to sportsinterviewa YouTube account. This was previously done with Strong Bad Gameways.

[edit] Inside References

  • This video is an instance of puking.
  • The description says that Coach Z pukemakes most moistly.
  • The music heard in the background is the tune of "Slide to the Right, Y'all Bridesmaids" from Baddest of the Bands; however, the lyrics have been omitted.
  • The prom setting is the same one in senior prom.

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