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It's that CLOCK being stuck on 2:55 may be a reference to Back To The Future, where the Hill Valley clock tower is stuck on 10:04.

From: vacation
Posted on: 16:43, 20 April 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • Seems likely, as The Brothers Chaps have referenced Back to the Future several times before.

Arguments against:

  • Clocks get stopped all the time.
  • The clock would have stopped at 10:04 if this was a reference.
  • The clock isn't visibly damaged at all (that is, it hasn't been struck by lightning).
  • It's just really the only family-friendly joke you can do with a clock tower given the context.

Additional comments:

  • I can think of an episode of Early Edition that involves a stopped clock, and this one is even a better match as it's seen in a picture and confuses the main character a little. (Not that I think that one should go on the page.)
  • I'm not in favor of this one at all, but I admit I have no idea what the "family-friendly" argument above means.

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