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It's like, totally me!

[edit] Welcome.

Hi I'm collin, I love Muse. And Homestar. But I really love Muse. Band from the UK. Pretty much amazing.

I like to make websites and do other computery type stuff in my free time, and I guess that's why I like to spend so much time around the Wiki. I am no pro on this site, and even though I've been here a while I'm still kind of a n00b, but I try. Mostly things I have worked on are little things, like small fixes to transcripts, and tons of spelling errors, etc. But I have spent quite a while working on Website Sightings. I also spent time working on candy product back when it came out. I love photoshopping stuff and so I sometimes fix images or remake images for the wiki too. And no, I am not a grammatical genius, nor am I a spelling guru, but I know how to copy and paste into Microsoft Word to make use of their handy Spell Check.

I found out about homestar runner from one of my friends who had a picture of The Goblin on his binder at school or something. And i'm like what the crap? And a bunch of kids went into some crazy discussion about some crazy website, and so I had to go. These flash cartoons were a new and strange place for me, the only flash I had come in contact with were some games on for some crappy tv show. My friend opened up an explorer window and we went straight to Trogdor. I laughed hysterically. And the rest is history. The newest e-mail at the time was (to the best of my memory..) english paper. Which reminds me, once I turned in an exact replica of the english paper as shown in the email to my english class.. even had (fake) money taped on the back. My teacher never said anything. She even told us at the start of the year she likes homestar runner and had seen the e-mail before. Everyone is lame.

Well that's all for now. Feel free to never vandalize my page, but instead send me email, or Talk to me. Peace out!

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