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[edit] Oh, goody.

When Strong Bad refers to Marzipan as Goody Marzipan, the word "Goody" means goodwife, a courtesy title of married women.

From: coloring
Posted on: 21:13, 24 October 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • RE: Arg Against #2: It doesn't sound sarcastic at all.
  • Much like when Marzipan called Homestar Homestar Michael Runner, it simply introduces a new bit of (mis)information.
  • Re: Arg Against #3: It's the only one that makes sense in this context (immediately preceeding a name).
  • This does explain what a goody is to somebody who didn't know. Perhaps everything before the first comma could be cut off to be more general.
  • RE: Arg Against #4: I doubt it. If he meant "Goody Two-Shoes", he'd probably have used "Goody-Goody", not just "Goody".

Arguments against:

  • Marzipan isn't married.
    • Actually, she's practically married to Homestar. But point taken.
  • Strong Bad's sarcastically implying that she's a do-gooder in her quest to educate children about the evils of soy.
  • "Goodwife" is by far not the only meaning of the word. "Holier-than-thou" is also possible in this context ([1]). There is absolutely no reason to single this one out.
  • It could also be a permutation of Goody-Two-Shoes.

Additional comments:

  • It would be really nice if this fact knew what it was talking about. It seems like this should be pointed out, but the fact sounds like it's saying what Strong Bad means. It's probably not what he means, seeing as it isn't true. Maybe something more like "Goody, as in 'Goody Marzipan' is normally short for 'goodwife', a courtesy title for married women."
  • I have no idea what Strong Bad meant by calling Marzipan "goody", but I don't see anything contextually that would suggest this meaning.
  • This fact is not that obscure. 'The Simpsons' has used this term in an epsiode several times.
    • Okay, guys, this is a reference. There really is no other reason why Strong Bad would have called Marzipan "Goody" if he wasn't making that reference. Yes, the term has many different definitions, but none that apply in this case.
      • I think a major thing that is holding this fact back is that while we agree that Goody is an archaic term for a married woman, there's nothing that connects it to the teacher position. I just spent a bit searching on the internet for a prominent female teacher in literature, etc., who was referred to as "Goody Smith", or some etymological website that connects "Goody" to a term for a female teacher. I couldn't find any, but if someone does, it could help the fate of this fact considerably, I think.

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Proposed revision:

The word "Goody" means goodwife, a courtesy title of married women. Strong Bad could also be calling Marzipan "Goody Goody" or "Goody-Two-Shoes".

Arguments for:

  • This compensates for all possible meanings of the word and does not imply that Strong Bad is calling Marzipan a married woman.

Arguments against:

  • This is the very definition of TTATOT.

Additional comments:

  • This fact really needs to appear as an explanation in the article in one form or another. I don't think it would be right to drop it altogether.
    • It's more or less just talk page material. The former (while true) doesn't apply at all in this case, while the latter seems pretty obvious.

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