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Fresh/Fly Honey

Foxface is the only female Cheat Commando (A.K.A. Lady Type!) similar to Marzipan who is the only girl in the Homestar Runner series. She isn't one of the guys, and she has her natural haircolor. She wears a gray outfit with a blue belt—she totally has it together! Reynold would love to go with her on a classy date. She owns a Bulletproof Handbag.

This female The Cheat is really just a generic The Cheat with a wig, eyelashes, and lipstick. Attractive women in places such as the United States and England are also called "foxy", or other similar fox-related terms.

Foxface is based on the female G.I. Joe character, Scarlett, whose file card quote read, "I'm not just one of the guys — I'm better." Foxface's package reads: "Not one of the guys!"

Lady Type!

Her first appearance was in the short "Cheat Commandos Commercial" and appeared in an Easter egg at the end, accessible by clicking "Rock rock on." A makeshift Foxface appeared in Shopping For Danger, made up of a mop, bucket, and Reynold's glasses.

Her first animated appearance was in An Important Rap Song. She was shown on the beach wearing a bikini top and shorts instead of her usual outfit.

[edit] Defining Traits

  • Lady Type!
  • Natural haircolor!
  • Totally Has It Together!
  • Not One of The Guys!!

[edit] Complete Filmography

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