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These guys are not funny.
Lookit those noses!
Early Castlefunnies sketches.

The Castlefunnies is an extremely unfunny old comic strip written by Lem Sportsinterviews and Levert Burtmore. The plot revolves around the King of Town complaining to his Poopsmith. The Knight has also made an appearance in the comic.

Since it was a form of treason at the time to print the word "poop", the Poopsmith was referred to as "Mushy Chamberpot", which might have been the funniest part of the comic. "Mushy" spoke using only the newly-discovered comma, in similarity to the Peanuts character Woodstock. At the time, this was considered comedic gold.

Readership was low, and several attempts to gain popularity were tried. A crossover involving Strong Bad and Homestar Runner worked until the sole remaining reader, a Civil War veteran and creamed corn enthusiast, died. The last strip was a memorial for him, but as the creators did not know his name, they simply decided to call him "Chester". Later, a "King Castlefunny Pencil Moistener" was released, but sales were low, as the Dry Pencil Scare of '47 lasted only three days.

The Castlefunnies is based on The Wizard of Id, a comic strip also made by two men (Brant Parker and Johnny Hart) that gained prominence in the '60s. A collection of drawings from the Sketchbook shows early designs for the characters (including the Blacksmith, who does not appear in the actual comic) that bear a much greater similarity to the art style of The Wizard of Id's characters.

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