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A great day in the field of literature.

The comma is a punctuation mark, symbolizing a partial stop. However, for the characters in the Homestar Runner universe, it can be a lot more, including comic gold and a rare discovery.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email for kidsStrong Bad reprimands the sender for an unnecessary comma.
  • Email old comicsThe Poopsmith's Castlefunnies counterpart, Mushy Chamberpot, can only speak in commas, which, according to Strong Bad, must have been comedic gold at the time. As pictured above, Sir Loodabert Comma had recently discovered it.
  • Email rampage — The sender signs his email as "Sincerely Peter,". Strong Bad believes "Peter" is the adjective, and that Comma is the sender's name. Later in the email, he ends with "You see Comma," pronouncing both Comma's name and the text character comma.
  • Email cliffhangers — Strong Bad refers to the Lappy 486's comma key, which has been "cut off" by its kidnappers, as its "little toe".
  • Email yes, wrestling (DVD commentary) — Matt wonders why the email is called "yes comma wrestling".
  • Email independentPom Pom names his movie city (comma) state.
  • Punkin Stencils — As of the 2009 addition, Homestar Runner says "Oh jeez man, comma, oh jeez man." when the Marshie pumpkin is clicked on.

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