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"Marzipan, you're so smart."

Cardboard Homestar is Homestar Runner's replacement while he is "on vacation." However, the real Homestar was later revealed to have been locked in the closet. Cardboard Homestar is manipulated by Marzipan, whom he repeatedly tells is "so smart". He is the counterpart to Cardboard Marzipan, with whom he has a conversation in an Easter egg in Quality Time with Cardboard Homestar.

Unlike the real Homestar, Cardboard Homestar wears glasses, has small round eyes, and has a butterfly in place of the "buzzer" on his cap.

Cardboard Homestar also attends a choir with Marzipan, as shown in Where U Goin' 2?

On the toons menu, the preview shows Cardboard Homestar without glasses.

A precursor to Cardboard Homestar can be seen in Strong Bad's character video.

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