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'''COACH Z:''' Once again, I put the blame squarely on tight pants.
'''COACH Z:''' Once again, I put the blame squarely on tight pants.
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Strong Bad Email #25

Aaron C. asks if the blue diamond on Strong Bad's head is the source of all his super powers.

Features: Strong Bad, Coach Z, Homestar Runner


STRONG BAD: Strong Bad Email is tuned in front of live studio audience.

Is that blue diamond kinda thing on your 
forehead the source of all your super 
powers? Or is it merely decorative?

Aaron C.

STRONG BAD: Well, sorta, Aaron. But see, there's only one power. Though I guess it is pretty super. Check it out.

{He picks up a Cold One, squeezing it hard, and his blue diamond starts glowing. The cap of the bottle pops off.}

So, there you go. It's not much, but as you can imagine it's a big hit with the ladies. So far I've only found it works with Cold Ones. But come to think of it...

{In a locker room, Coach Z and Homestar are talking to each other.}

COACH Z: Oh, I definitely say it's just a result of tight pants.

{Strong Bad sneaks from behind the locker.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooooh, tight pants. {Strong Bad uses his blue diamond on his forehead to drop Homestar's cap.} Oh! {He picks his cap up and looks back at Coach Z.} Sorry about that. What were we talking about?

COACH Z: The tightest of pants.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Alright, right, tight pants. {Once again, Strong Bad uses his blue diamond to drop Homestar's cap off.} What the...? {Strong Bad giggles.}

COACH Z: Are you okay, Homestar?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I don't know. Is my head getting bigger?

{The Paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad -", click on the text to email him.} {And for the third time, Strong Bad plays his trick again.}

COACH Z: Once again, I put the blame squarely on tight pants.

se.gif Transcribed by in Solna, Sweden se.gif

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