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Bubs' Concession Stand
Type Retailer
Headquarters Free Country, USA
Products Computers
Housing Items
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Employees Bubs
Slogan We're always awesome!
Mascot Tragic Clown Dog
Website N/A

Bubs' Concession Stand is where Bubs works. A short ways off from Strong Badia, it is the place in Free Country, USA to get anything and everything, albeit not necessarily legally. According to Bubs's Yearbook Character Page (and possibly different town), the stand is located near the Athletic Field. In privileges, Homestar delivers pizza for him. The concession stand may have plumbing fixtures, as evidenced by the roof vent in dangeresque 3 and retirement. The stand accepts cash, money, cash money, pencil shavings, Quesos, and poopees as currency. It also accepts firstborn children and organs.


[edit] Notable Events

  • In the email origins, Strong Bad informs the viewers that the concession stand first entered the cartoon by falling from the sky. It landed on Señor and Mr. Bland, ending their comic careers. This is probably untrue; Strong Bad was mocking emailers for always asking him about the origins of things at the time.
  • In Halloween Fairstival, Bubs turned the side of the stand into a comedy club. The comedy club was then used for a poetry slam in rampage.
  • It was flooded by Strong Bad in lunch special.
  • It served as a model for Mr. Legarm's Stand in the Strong Bad play "Dreamaway Johnny".
  • In personal favorites, after drinking too much soy sauce, Strong Bad attempts to fly the stand to the moon while The Cheat tries to eat it.
  • It has been a location for the shooting of the Dangeresque films.
  • It's one of the hangouts for the On Point Kings.
  • In Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, Strong Bad and The Cheat were captured after attempting to blast their way through the back door.
  • It apparently has an annual sale on Senorial Day.
  • Another worker at the concession stand was Homestar, who sold magazine subscriptions and delivered pizzas, as seen in privileges.
  • Bubs' Concession Stand was closed for about two minutes in the toon Cool Things.
  • Coach Z used the stand as a hideout after he thought he had killed Strong Sad in A Folky Tale.
  • In geddup noise, the stand sign indicates that the name has been changed to Bubso's Concession Stand.
  • The stand appears to have a basement, as shown in the Broken Compy Menu, geddup noise, and winter pool.
  • A guy named Stan used to work at the stand until Bubs fired him after the fifth grade, as mentioned in Cool Things.
  • The stand was picked up and used as a parade "float" by Strong Mad in Fall Float Parade.
    • In an Easter egg, Homestar (who was supposed to be watching the store but fell asleep in a pile of "swee-at-shirts") used a cardboard box with the words "blue face man's store" written on it as a replacement, hoping Bubs wouldn't notice the difference.
  • In secret identity, it was turned into a motor lodge.
  • In retirement, the Lappy is held hostage on Bubs's roof.
  • In the chair, it is revealed that there is a secret door and conveyor belt which blend into the bricks on the side of the concession stand.
  • In Toikey TV, Bubs holds an event called "Bubs Friday", which is apparently known for its violent rush to sales.
  • In Play Date, it falls on Homestar, and Bubs announces a "relocation sale" with a sale on "badly beaten Homestars".
  • In original, it was said that before Bubs took over, Original Bubs ran the stand but quit after The King of Town somehow ate the mayo off of his egg salad.
  • In Strong Badia the Free, Bubs declares his independence and neutrality, becoming the souvenir-selling nation of Concessionstantinople. He also runs a black market from the back.
  • In the "DVD Extras" of Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, Strong Bad reveals that the concession stand was originally a miniature jail with Bubs as the sole inmate, which Bubs confirms.
  • In Doomy Tales of the Macabre, Strong Sad depicts a scene in which Bubs conducts a chemical experiment that inadvertently causes the stand to turn into a giant version of his head and decapitate him.
  • In I Killed Pom Pom, the concession stand has eggs on the side of the wall and Bubs talks with Coach Z about their plan for revenge involving ostrich eggs.
  • In Flash is Dead!, Bubs converts the concession stand into a fallout shelter, which is supplied with primarily pork and beans.

[edit] Graffiti

Apparently, the Concession stand has been the target of graffiti artists. The stand has been tagged in the following cartoons:

[edit] Signs

[edit] Known Items Sold

[edit] In Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

  • In Homestar Ruiner, Bubs distributes several items. He is the local supplier for Total Load energy enhancement powder, and also acts as a repairman for Marzipan's hedge shears. He also mentions a long list of candy he carries: chocolate candy, vanilla candy, tainted candy, real candy, pretend candy, and even free candy, which is a box of chocolate-covered organic packing peanuts by the name of ChocoOpps (obtainable with a coupon). In a prank phone call, his phone tree message lists extentions for calendars, tire irons, and support hose. Strong Bad mentions getting a box of rhino horns the last time he tried to navigate it (and not even the endangered kind). Bubs also sends an email, stating that he sells candy bars, lawn mowers, ketchup, Egyptian artifacts, and games for the kids. As he puts it, "we've got everything, twice!"
  • In Strong Badia the Free, Bubs again acts as an all-purpose supplier of items. He will sell Strong Bad a souvenir clockwork doll for 100 quesos (Strong Badian currency), and also runs a black market from the back of the stand. As the black market, he deals in illegally excavated artifacts, weapons, fake IDs, pirated DVDs, unlicensed merchandise, and harvested organs. His weapons stock is out (he sold the last bazooka-flamethrower that throws throwing stars to Coachnya), and he will refuse to take either Pom Pom's katana or Strong Sad's fake sword. By giving him Strong Sad's pretendix, he will trade away a piece of Homsarian pottery. He also lists a number of souvenirs he sells (when in stock): cheese, watches, chocolate, cheesy watches, and chocolate-covered cheese.
  • In Baddest of the Bands, Strong Bad brings Bubs his FunMachine for repairs. To pay off the repair bill, Bubs helps Strong Bad host his Battle Royale of the bands, and also builds the stages.
  • In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, the stand is used as a set for the Brainblow City Prison. Baron Darin Diamonocle (played by Bubs) is incarcerated here. Diamonocle gives Dangeresque information throughout the film, and occasionally inserts a product placement for Bull Honkey. Bubs also mentions that he used to sell foot-long hot dogs with files hidden in them to himself, back when the stand was a "tiny prison" and Bubs was the only inmate. A standoff scene also takes place on top of the concession stand.
  • In 8-Bit is Enough, Bubs becomes trapped on top of the stand by Marzipan (who is possessed of the personality of "Lady Crate Ape"). Once Strong Bad drives off Marzipan, Bubs is called in to service the TROGDOR! arcade cabinet. The logic board for the game is also delivered to the concession stand by Videlectrix.

[edit] Imagined or Unknown Items Sold

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