Red, White, and Banana

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"Hey, that's no chair!"

Red, White, and Banana was Strong Bad's old bicycle seat. When he had a paper route, Lil' Strong Bad would "ride" Red, White and Banana in order to deliver the newspapers. In the one scene that is shown, Lil' Strong Bad lights a newspaper on fire using a Duplo lighter and throws it at a house, causing the house to catch fire. In the chair, it appears that Bubs has gained possession of Red, White, and Banana, as he showcases it at the stand when Strong Bad is looking to replace Stooly. Strong Bad, however, chooses not to take back his old bicycle seat, claiming that he "had a few too many wipeouts on that thing as a kid".

The name of Red, White, and Banana is a reference to "red, white, and blue", a phrase commonly used to describe the American flag. It is also a reference to the banana style bicycle seat.

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