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"One more crack like that, and you will never graphic in this business again!"

From the Telltale Games "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People" FAQ:

Who are Videlectrix?
We're not exactly sure. Two guys with mustaches showed up at the office one day, shouting out all these crazy ideas for the game. The Chapmans seem to trust them, so we figured we'd make them a silent partner (emphasis on silent).

The Videlectrix Guys are the geniuses behind the games produced by Videlectrix. Apparently the sole employees of the company, both men serve roles of progrumming and providing art for computer games.


[edit] Characterization

Videlectrix One is the domineering and abusive (verbally and physically) lead programmer. He is vociferously obsessed with developing "good graphics"; even though his opinion of what good graphics are is wildly outdated (in line with Strong Bad's opinion), his coworker's output fails to measure up to his standards.

Videlectrix Two, the subordinate programmer, timidly accepts this harsh treatment. He appears to be on a more even keel than One, often attempting to point out his errors of judgement to little avail. In Joystick Wagglin' with Videlectrix: Halloween Edition, Videlectrix Two was demoted to "Videlectrix Three" as a result of his poor graphics work.

[edit] Portrayal

Videlectrix One is portrayed by Matt Chapman, and Videlectrix Two is portrayed by Mike Chapman. They have both combed their hair poorly, wear rumpled polo shirts, and sport mustaches (false costume mustaches or sometimes drawn on in Photoshop).

The "One" and "Two" names were first referred to in Joystick Wagglin' with Videlectrix: Halloween Edition. Previously, in Eric Conveys an Emotion: The Interview, Videlectrix One was given the name "Monsieur Henri Chapardieu"; and in 8-Bit is Enough, the credits list their names as "Videlectrix Matt" and "Videlectrix Mike". A Rock Paper Shotgun interview refers to "Videlectrix assistants, Mike [and] Matt" as additional employees distinct from One and Two.

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