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Don't get too close!
Age 17 (?)
Location That one place...
Galaxy Vilact
Biggest Fear Pie-wielding baboons
Favourite Books H2G2, 1984, AF
Favourite Movie H2G2
Favourite Author Douglas Adams, my friend Jason
Favourite Game I don't know...
Favourite Card Game Cheat!
Favourite T.V. show Undecided, but I sure do like this one
This page has been vandalised 43 times. By the user it
belongs to. And this guy. This guy, too. And these things

My Homestarized version of the Apocalypse Now poster. Feel free to compare here.
Hi. I'm VolatileChemical. You may have come here in hopes of me join, "Hi, I'm '''VolatileChemical'''! My real name is [[the bet|Kevin DuBrow]], and I live in [[Wikipedia:Salt Lake City, Utah|Salt Lake City, Michigan]]. If you would like to send me a donation for something or other, here's my [[Wikipedia:Home address|home address]], [[Wikipedia:Phone number|phone number]], [[Wikipedia:Computer password|computer passwords]], [[Wikipedia:Credit card information|credit card information]], [[Wikipedia:List of days VolatileChemical forgets to lock the front door to his house|list of days I forget to lock the front door to my house]], and [[Wikipedia:Combination to the safe that houses his easily stealable $70 000 vase from the Zing dynasty|combination to the safe that houses my easily stealable $70 000 vase from the]] [[Wikipedia:Zing Dynasty|Zing dynasty]]!"

Only, with my real name, all that information I said I'd give out, and my real town of residence with the correct state and country.

But I'm not gonna give it to you! I'm not one of those carelessly explicitly detail-giving wiki users on Like some people we know who feel the need to trustingly give out all their personal information on the internet where anyone could see it and rob them.

I really like Homestar Runner, as I have for about four* years, so I decided to help the people on this site chronicle everything we know about him. And some other guys. And Marzipan. And the peoples who have yet to be determined. shudders Anyway, I hail from Canada, and, as a part of the monarchial commonwealth, am a faithful servant and lackey of the crown. As a Canuck, I am obsessed with,, especially Canadian beer, and duck hunting, probably. A useless hunk of skin, bones, interior organs and unidentifiable crap, and as a fan of the series, my body is just a lot of fan material. No pun intended. Well, yes there was, a little.

I'm slightly proud that I created a certain page, until it was changed to being [the biggest] section of this page. I also wrote the band infobox template for all the fictional bands in Homestar Runner, though some credit should be given to this Sam guy for setting up the template page. The scructure formatting for Kissyboots was a nightmare, particularly finding a way to seperate the first and second paragraphs. Also, I created The Simpsons. The article, not the show. Uh, wait, did anyone who read that think I meant the show? Did you believe me? If you did, please disregard my last comment. I did create The Simpsons, I am awesome. You're so welcome.

To go along with the annoying self-promoting wiki user stereotype, I have an obligatory account on, I have a DeviantArt account which I will not link because I never update to it, and I have also set up a Mindsay version of Strong Sad's blog/diary/journal. And yes, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren't, I made those three redirect pages.

This is a cool website, but the main problem is that whenever a new toon comes out, the edit conflicts that follow immediately after would be hard for the United Nations to resolve. Pages that caused me particularly high annoyance due to edit conflicts include Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer, space program and pop-up. I got maybe a line and a half into the page text somewhere around every 7 minutes, if I was unusually fast, and it was usually on my fifth try, after I had realized that I had to copy and paste the text I wanted to add instead of taking the time to type it if I wanted to save it uninterrupted. Which is weird, because Phlip thinks I co-wrote the transcript of space program with him. I'm not complaining, I think that's awesome, but I just don't agree with that. Then again, I do have 28 edits on the transcript...more than anyone...anyways, who cares.

My favourite toon is the one where Strong Bad is in jail. My favourite Strong Bad Email is couch patch.

Oh, I have to say that this is my absolute favourite quote from the site:

*Actual time of likeage may or may not actually be five years. Expert archeologists and romantic comedy film screenplay writers alike estimate around four to five, but the actual time was lost centuries ago**.

**This may or may not be true as well.

First edit in a while: in light of the 200th email adding "squeazled" to the long portfolio of portmanteaux of Homestar Runner canon, I must say my proudest accomplishment on this website is first creating the wiki's now very long and oft-edited page for said portmanteaux. Yays.

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