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This sythe wielding guy is cool

Hi! I'm Ian "Pyro" Awesomeman (pronounced ee-yin) a.k.a. sonicfirestorm44 and I LOVE HOMESTARRUNNER.COM LIKE NO OTHER!!! I got the name sonicfirestorm44 because the first album I got in 2008 was Sonic Firestorm by the band DragonForce. I live with my mom, dad, sister and dog named Gunner in Amherst, Ohio. I am an aspiring guitarist who loves the work of metal acts such as Black Label Society, Slayer, Dethklok, Dimmu Borgir, Rammstein, and other metal artists. I also love blues artists such as Robert Johnson, B.B. King, and John Lee Hooker. I have been to a total of 11 concerts going on 12. My school has a jazz band so obviously I joined and play guitar in it. I own a total of 7 guitars, a keyboard and a drum set. My father and I are collectors. I've been playing guitar since the age of 8, and have been playing for a few years. I like to do paranormal investigations (ghost hunting). I have my own paranormal firm called Ohio Paranormal Activity Scene. Also known as OPAS. I'm really good at spotting goofs in toons. The thing I hate the most is my OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). It's not that severe yet, but I hate it. I like cheese, music, and explosions. My favorite characters on the site are Senor Cardgage, Rumble Red and Homsar. My favorite toon on the site is either Strong Bad Sings or The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck in His Craw. I also own the album Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits. The first toon I saw was Where's the Cheat?. My friends Casey and Conner got me into the site some time ago and I've been on the site every day since. Many people discribe me as cool, dare-devilish (really), The Cowboy From Hell, awesome, the Pyro, the Master of Puppets and real, real cool. Believe it or not, I have beaten Because, It's Midnite on Guitar Hero on expert. I got a 95% on it. I am in a band called The Birthday Arsonist. I do lead guitar. My uncle Mike has an awesome band called Smiley Baldazar and their debut album In Tents is AMAZING. My favorite thing to do is to mosh it up! Moshing is the best thing ever (other than When I'm not listening to music or moshing, I like to do voice acting. I can imitate ANYBODY and I mean ANYBODY!! My family comes from a Scottish backround and I'm proud of it. If I could go to any place in the world, it would easly be Norway because they are big on black metal as am I.


[edit] Favorite Pages

1. Grim Reaper

2. Strong Sad's Severed Head

3. Death

4. death metal

5. Coach Z

6. Swiss Cake Rolls

7. diorama (my favorite e-mail)

8. Items

9. Characters

10. crying (the first e-mail I've seen)

[edit] Favorite Websites other than






[edit] Favorite Bands/Artists

1. Dimmu Borgir/Dethklok

2. DragonForce

3. Beck

4. Black Label Society

5. Children of Bodom

6. Rammstein


8. Taranchula

9. B.B. King

10. Accept

[edit] Favorite C.D.s other than Strong Bad Sings

1. In Sorte Diaboli The external website linked here contains offensive language and/or content. content warning - Dimmu Borgir

2. Odelay - Beck

3. Blooddrunk - Children of Bodom

4. The Dethalbum - Dethklok

5. Sonic Brew - Black Label Society

6. Rosenrot - Rammstien

7. Sonic Firestorm - DragonForce

8. In Tents - Smiley Baldazar

9. 1919 Eternal - Black Label Society

10. Vulgar Display of Power The external website linked here contains offensive language and/or content. content warning - Pantera

[edit] Favorite Songs

1. Ghostriders in the Sky - Children of Bodom / Black Metal - Venom

2. Into the Night - Ace Frehley

3. Fast as a Shark - Accept

4. The Serpintine Offering - Dimmu Borgir

5. Where it's At - Beck

6. Hatredcopter - Dethklok

7. Moving Very Slowly - Taranchula

8. In Your Face - Children of Bodom

9. The Heretic Hammer - Dimmu Borgir

10. Crushcrushcrush - Paramore

[edit] My Bottom 10

10. Dry Chicken (the ones which you have to chew with water)

9. Water Bottles that are all ice (you have to wait for them to thaw)

8. People who think bands suck, when they can't even name one of their songs.

7. Draw Trogdor Again

6. People who judge bands depending on how they sing.

5. People who judge others on what music they like. (I had to go through that because I like black metal; people shriek their vocals.)

4. Homework

3. People who shout Free Bird! at EVERY CONCERT THEY ARE AT!!!.

2. People who don't care about other peoples opinions because they are extremely self-centered.

1. People who think Led Zeppelin is heavy metal.

[edit] My Top 10

note:other than homestarrunner stuff

10. The Blues

9. B.B. King

8. Cheese

7. Moon Pies

6. Washburn Guitars

5. Metal

4. Metalocalypse

3. Donuts

2. When birds poop on people

1. My life

[edit] External Links

My myspace page. Add me.

My band's myspace page. Add us.

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