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Ahead of the rest

Occasionally in Homestar Runner cartoons, Strong Sad's head (real or fake) will appear to be severed.

[edit] Appearances

  • Pumpkin Carve-nival — Strong Sad carves his face into a pumpkin, making it look like his severed head.
  • Fan Costume Commentary — A fan sends in a pumpkin painted to look like Strong Sad's head. Strong Bad comments, "Ah, nothing brightens up a window quite like Strong Sad's severed head."
  • Email virusThe virus causes Strong Sad's head to be floating near him, as well as shift through various facial expressions.
  • FAQ — A disembodied head in the corner of the "What's wrong with this mess?" puzzle alternates between Strong Mad or Strong Sad.
  • PAY PLUS! — A photo shows The Cheat serving up Strong Sad's severed head on a platter to Strong Bad.
  • Senorial DayBubs holds up a beanbag looking like Strong Sad's severed head on a plate.
  • Main Page 23 — A piece of wood, shaped and presumably painted like Strong Sad's head, moves across the screen when Email is rolled over.
  • Decemberween Short Shorts — When the Strong Sad ornament falls from the tree, his head breaks off separately from the rest of his body.
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog — Along with all the other main characters, Strong Sad is decapitated.
  • Email magic trick — Strong Sad creates an illusion of his head falling off.
  • Trogdor!! The Board Game — One of Strong Bad's concepts for item cards seen in update #7 is Strong Sad's severed head.
  • Fan 'Stumes 2021 — A fan paints a volleyball with Strong Sad's face, which Strong Bad calls "decapitato-head Strong Sad".

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