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Oh, hey, DEI. What's going on? Oh, not much, Dan. I'm bored. | This userpage works best on some browser on some operating system on some monitor. But I don't use one. In Soviet Russia, monitor works best on you!

[edit] Userpage !!

Been watching since 2003.

Used to be known as "Mee", a name that came from Space Tree. Other old usernames include this-guy, doubleyou-tee-eff, Mee Merone, and all that, and all that.

In my spare time, I go on this wiki, read web comics, go on this wiki, go to, go on this wiki again, go on other wikis, draw some stuff, animate some stuff (slowly but surely!), listen to music (Prog mostly), play tennis, draw some more stuff, go on this wiki, and go on this wiki.

In my strike time, I get closer to 300.

But I usually just have open frame time.

I lurk between Wikipedia and the TVTropes Wiki. And some other websites too. At some point I was on the Space Tree wiki and I read and possibly edited the Bonus Stage wiki. (See a drawing I requested in episode 81! Before I could draw for myself) My username on the forums (registered July 8th, 2007) was this-guy.

Oh! I also has the solution a Most of the objectionable stuff requires an account (formerly a clickthrough) to view. Also it's usually more strange than obscene. Still, better safe than sorry. content warningdeviantART account. On which I make art. Hence the name of the website. Duh.

Don't be fooled by my signature— I've never actually played Super Contra, I just thought it was a good pum. Erm, pun. A gewd pun.

Yeah, it's me.
I found out about the Homestar Runner wobsite in May 2003, when I was in the fifth grade. I was linked there from a place called cZone Central, which I found from an MSN search for 'czone', which I did because of a Cartoon Network property called Cartoon Orbit.

The newest update was Teen Girl Squad 3 and the newest be'd crazy cartoon. I probably found the wiki through some manner of uncivilized search for "Homestar Runner". Probably still MSN. When I first signed up for this wiki, my username was SibbieSong, and after that, it was Crap. Mostly because I couldn't find a better idea for a name. Except for Crap. cf. the other old usernames I mentioned before.

Then the wiki changed to MediaWiki and here I be.

Now turn that camera off before I throw this bust of Bubo at it.

[edit] Flavourites

Sidenote FavoriteLeast FavoriteWeirdest
This page has been vandalized 3 times.

Just putting this fact here to fill up some space.

Boy, there's a lot of space to fill up here, huh.

Just a few more lines to fill...

There we go.
Main Character Homestar Runner The Poopsmith Homsar
20X6 Character Cheatball Pan Pan Cheatball
1936 Character Old-Timey Marzipan The Kaiser I can't really think of any
Other Character Crack Stuntman Mr. Bland Drive-Thru Whale
Toon/Short Weclome Back Marshmallow's Last Stand Drive-Thru
sbemail your friends crazy cartoon virus
Jame Population: Tire She Loves Me! Fortune Cookies
Main Page Homsar Main Page Old Main Page 6 Main Page 22
(funny?)Quote If you give me a treat,
make sure that it's sweet,
and I'll eat it!
So many to choose !! Sever your leg, please.
It's the greatest day.

[edit] Other Favorites?

Use or box?
Gender: Male
Born: 1992 (31)
Location: Near Poughkeepsie
Interests: Homestar Runner, Macradobia Flashoshop
Eyes: That university near where King Crimson played the fourth song from the album "Red"
Hair: Black (Or really dark brown if you wanna get technical), curly

Homestar Runner Quotes:

STRONG BAD: The Cheatbot! Would you use that same mouth to kiss your... motherboard?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, hello guys! This is my talk and mouth move... great times!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooh! I'm a neglected official.

MARZIPAN: ...the third girl was a republican.

STINKOMAN: Dot dot dot. (They're...called...ellipses.)

THE KING OF TOWN: What am I, getting my mega-physical?

HOMSAR: Hey, Reggie! Is that rhinoceros around?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Homestar Runner, you have truuly outdone yourself! Thank you, Doug.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Doo doot. Tch. Doo doo dit. Tch. Doot doo doot. Tch. It's the hold music. Doo Doot. Tch. Pa doo doot. Tch. Boodoo doo doot. Hold music!

BUBS: Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!

BUBS: There was this one time when I hooked up my lawnmower to my Nintendo, and after that, I got the high score every time!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: A-this mo'nin! A-this mo'nin! A-this mo, re-mo, re-mo-mo'nin!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Cool! Flaming Poopsmith!

PERRY PALARONCINI: We're from— {Matt's voice interrupts} THE YEAR 2008.

COACH Z: Ah, the world famous Coach Z Sog Dog. Mmmmm! Drink in that bun!

STRONG BAD: Molly T., Charlotte, Not Charlotte. Whoa, it's like you're no place! (Like a ghost or something!)

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {looking at the now-empty space where the characters were previously standing} Ouch! Pom Pom! Picked last?! It's okay. You can be on our team. Whoa, perfect teams, huh, guys? Even Stevens!

This is asecretmessage !!

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This is atired running gag now that I think about it.

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