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[edit] Sightings reorg

[edit] The Organizing

  • Comic Sightings:
    • Unsure: Arby the Archer; MoDCAMeRa
  • Television Sightings:
    • Borderline:
      • Adult Swim (shows mainly but not exclusively animation as far as I know; still probably wouldn't count as animation)
      • Maya and Miguel (animated series, but describes live-action segment)
      • New York Noise (says entire Experimental Film video shown; probably wouldn't count as animation)
  • Website Sightings:
    • Non-animated video: Dan Brown's Universe, The Escapist, GamesRadar (at least it says so), Games Repainted, Gamespot, The Geek Show, The Joshua Childers Show!, Klick! Holiday Video, LoadingReadyRun, The Man of 101 Voices, Olde English, Panda Smash, Pure Pwnage, Robot Bastard, Rocketboom, Shenmue II : The Gang Edition, TASVideos, TED, That Guy with the Glasses, Vinesauce, Wrestling with Wregret, YouTube
    • Borderline/multiple/dunno:
      • 8-Bit Theater (Sighting is on a site for a webcomic, but is not part of that webcomic)
      • AI Dungeon (A game, but the sightings are user-created)
      • Charlie Clay And The Clay Crew (can't find the actual episodes. The linked files' types are .gif which could mean either a motion comic or an animation)
      • Doraemon Abridged (video unavailable but presuming this is an abridged series, which would be borderline animation)
      • Fail! (A FAQ page for a webcomic. Unable to find the image itself but it probably is also a comic)
      • Finding Sushi (says it's been deleted, so no way to know what it is unless someone happens to know)
      • Flipnote Hatena (From what I understand it is/was an animation program/website. Would it count as animation?)
      • Fruitcake MIDI (it is on a website [currently] but it could be considered a Musical Sighting)
      • Futurama Madhouse (might could maybe be considered a comic? Possibly?)
      • Golo Theme song (could be a Musical Sighting, though there's no archived version)
      • Google (One is a video, others are more standard web stuff)
      • IGN (Some are videos, some are articles)
      • I-Mockery (one is a game, rest seem to be blog entries)
      • Insert Disc Two (guessing it's a live-action video from the context, but there's no link and I can't find it to know for certain)
      • Joe Wuz Here! (can't find the site but the entry says it's a comic so it'd probably go under Webcomic Sightings)
      • Kevin & Kell (similar situation to 8-Bit Theater)
      • Lemmy's Land (first is a comic, rest seem to be fanfiction)
      • "The Lost Experience" ABC's Official Blog (One entry is a blog but the other describes a video)
      • Neopets (I think it's a game? Question mark?)
      • Newgrounds (some entries are animations, some are games)
      • RiffTrax (most seem to be videos with one blog post as an exception)
      • Something Awful (some but not all entries are animations)
      • Stinkoman 20X6 on (another web thing that could be considered a Musical Sighting)
      • the show with zefrank (Probably non-animated video?)
      • Subeta ("virtual pet site", so maybe in the same boat as Neopets)
      • Super Mechrio World (made by the same people as Doraemon Abridged, videos unavailable)
      • Stick Shorts (stick animation counts as animation, right?)
      • ThinkGeek (one item contains a video on a mostly-text page)
      • VG Mix (yet another web thing that could be considered a Musical Sighting)
      • Weffriddles (It's a website that houses a chain of riddles made up of HTML pages and embedded images, which potentially could be considered a game. Also I lack the brain mind to get to the part with a Homestar character)
      • YouTube (some but not all entries are animations, the rest would be non-animated video)
      • Zero Punctuation (marginally animated?)
    • More general webwebs (including blogs, image sharing, social media): Everything else, unless I missed something

[edit] The Opining

My opinions on the borderline/multiple/dunnos:

  • Adult Swim: keep on Television.
  • Maya and Miguel: probably keep on Television.
  • New York Noise: keep on Television. Leaning against Animation since the only animation shown is that produced by TBC.
  • 8-Bit Theater: Would be either Webcomic or Website. It's a blog for a character on the comic. I could go either away.
  • AI Dungeon: Unsure whether it should be Game or Website since the Sighted content is user-created.
  • Charlie Clay And The Clay Crew: Despite lacking info, leaning towards Web Animation since Stick Shorts, which is apparently by the same person, is Web Animation.
  • Doraemon Abridged: Leaning toward Web Animation just based on the name, which seems like WYSIWYG.
  • Fail!: From what info I'm able to find I'm leaning towards Webcomic.
  • Flipnote Hatena: 'Kipedia calls it an "application" and not a game, but then uses the video game infobox and video game categories. Still leaning against putting it in Game. Dunno between Web Animation or Website, though.
  • Fruitcake MIDI: Some entries on Musical Sightings are web-based so I'm actually leaning towards putting it there.
  • Futurama Madhouse: Slightly leaning towards Webcomic even if it doesn't seem to have a traditional webcomic format.
  • Golo Theme song: Leaning towards Musical for similar reasons to Fruitcake.
  • Google: Google Current to Web Video. Other entries stay at Website.
  • IGN: Animal Crossing and Game Boy retrospective to Web Video, others stay at Website.
  • I-Mockery: Pickleman to Game, others stay at website.
  • Insert Disc Two: Leaning towards Web Video over Web Animation, even if I can't find the actual video.
  • Joe Wuz Here!: Leaning towards Webcomic.
  • Kevin & Kell: Unsure between Webcomic and Website for similar reasons to 8-Bit Theater.
  • Lemmy's Land: If the first entry were alone I'd put it in Webcomic, but I'm leaning against splitting the entries and more toward keeping them in Website since most of the website seems not to be comics.
  • "The Lost Experience" ABC's Official Blog: If the video were alone I'd put it in Web Video, but like above, I'm leaning against splitting the entries in favor of keeping them together on Website.
  • Neopets: Leaning toward Game but I'll defer to someone who paid more attention to it when it peaked in popularity.
  • Newgrounds: Ones that say they're games to Game, others to Web Animation.
  • RiffTrax: Since it's mostly a video-based site, I'd say move the entries to Web Video, except the blog entry which can stay in Website.
  • Something Awful: If I have it correct, Tub Bites 2 (including Karnov Bites) and Funny Housemates would go to Web Animation, and the others would remain at Website.
  • Stinkoman 20X6 on Leaning towards Musical for similar reasons to Fruitcake.
  • the show with zefrank: Lacking info but leaning toward Web Video.
  • Subeta: Like Neopets, leaning toward Game but will defer to someone that knows more of this sort of thing.
  • Stick Shorts: Honestly not sure why I put this here. It's definitely Web Animation.
  • ThinkGeek: Leaning against splitting and towards keeping in Website since the site isn't mainly video.
  • VG Mix: Leaning towards Musical for similar reasons to Fruitcake.
  • Weffriddles: Got up to like number fortysomething a while ago but I get the gist. Could go either Game or Website for this one.
  • YouTube: Don't feel like sorting though the huge list of entries, so just put it in Web Video for now.
  • Zero Punctuation: Could go either Web Animation or Web Video for this one. Slightly leaning towards the latter.
  • As for the ones I neglected to mention (Arby the Archer, MoDCAMeRa, Finding Sushi, Super Mechrio World), I don't know enough about them to state a preference in where they should go, so I'd lean towards keeping them where they are unless we find out more info about them that says they should be somewhere else.

[edit] See also

[edit] Reciprocative Insults


[edit] Appearances

  • The Luau — When Homestar Runner refers to his Melonade addiction as "a serious problem", Marzipan responds, "You're gonna have a problem if you don't monitor this tofu."
  • island — When Homestar asks if they're rescued, Strong Bad replies that Homestar will need to be rescued if he doesn't stop asking. He responds the same way when asked if there's ice cream, elaborating that he'll hit Homestar and that the ice cream will stop the injury from swelling.
  • dragon — After Strong Sad tells Strong Bad about his improved methods for drawing a dragon, Strong Bad says "I'll improve on your methods!" as he burns Strong Sad's drawing to a crisp.
  • Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer — When the King of Peasantry refuses to let Rather Dashing upset the balance by getting revenge on Trogdor, Rather Dashing replies, "I'll upset your balance, my lord!"
  • concert — When Strong Sad explains that he was trying to broaden Strong Bad's horizons, Strong Bad replies, "I'll broaden your horizons!" as he smashes the sloshy vinyl over Strong Sad's head.


[edit] See also

[[Category:Variable word running gags]]

[edit] Oversized Novelty Items

Occasionally, for situations that call for a zany item, oversized novelty items will appear.

[edit] Appearances

  • retirement (Easter egg) — One cloud shape documented by Strong Bad is "oversized novelty comb".
  • from workHomestar Runner expresses desire to paint clouds with an oversized novelty toothbrush.
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog: Payable Demo! — "This is for all those craptakers out there who don't think I'm actually working on this game. 'More like, Strong Bad's Crappy Game That He Totally Phoned in for an Attractive Oversized Novelty Check,' they all say."
  • Baddest of the Bands — If Strong Bad stands near the novelty sign, Homestar will attempt to incorporate "oversized novelty bottle cap" into his audition.
  • 2 Part Episode: Part 2Reynold, as Scrawnjob, gloats about Blue Laser's counterfeit Skee-Ball scheme causing oversized novelty sunglasses to become unattainable.

[[Category:Object running gags]]

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