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It's dot com

Hey there every peoples. My name's Ben, better known around here as It's dot com (you can also call me Dot com if you want). I'm an X17-year-old graphic designer/computer-systems manager from Texas, USA.

It's dot com!

[edit] About my user name

My first experience with was, appropriately, the First Time Here? page. About fifteen seconds into the intro, Homestar utters his classic line: "Oh, right... It's dot com!"

From that instant, I was hooked. I knew this site was the place for me.

(You may notice on the First Time page that the text appearing on the screen is misspelled "Its dot com" (without the apostrophe). I got it right for my user name and in the image on the right, because everybody knows that if you want it to be possessive, it's just "ITS," but if it's supposed to be a contraction then it's "I-T-apostrophe-S." Scalawag.)

[edit] What I like to do

What I probably look like
(I'm the one who's not Tom)

I am one of the administrators here. My contributions come in lots of shapes and sizes, but in general I:

  • Patrol the recent changes
  • Before it was decommissioned, I kept an eye on STUFF and performed routine maintenance there
  • Fight vandals
  • Perform gnome work
  • Begin new pages and encourage their development, including transcribing toons whenever I get the opportunity
  • Participate in discussions important to the wiki
  • Beautify formatting
  • Assist those in need, especially welcoming and mentoring new members

If I can help you or if you have a comment or question, leave a note on my talk page. I'd love to hear from you.

[edit] Favorite quotes

Sometimes I even work the following quotes (often including the inflection) into everyday conversations.

[edit] Pages and things I'm proud of

  • STUFF reform
    After a lot of planning, STUFF went live on June 17, 2005, and it lasted for nearly three years before finally being decommissioned in favor of regular talk pages. Thanks to all who supported my design during the test stages, especially Jay and Tom, who helped steer me in the right direction code-wise and with some of the implementation. See also the original proposal.
  • My first page
    Rock Opera Context was the very first page I created for the Wiki. Don't think for a moment that I did the whole thing myself — it was a HUGE group effort. But I was the one who set up the page, created the link to the email rock opera, established the general format, and got the ball rolling on filling in the words. As the page was shaping up, I helped fix things here and there whenever necessary. One of my favorite things about the page is that as you read each line, you can remember and enjoy the essence of all the emails in the space of only a minute.
  • 110 sbemail redirects
    We decided to create Strong Bad Email redirects like this: sbemail1some kinda robot; sbemail2homsar; and so on. I personally set up 110 in thirty minutes! (There were 133 emails at the time, if you wonder. And for you math majors out there, I did an average of one every 16.4 seconds. Man, I was flying.)
  • New email styles
    I didn't come up with the idea or make the graphic, but I had some good input once the idea was rolling. When it came time to go live with the styles, I personally converted the most emails to the new format (Jay and I each did almost exactly half, but by my count I barely edged him out). I made sure to do at least one from all three computer eras, and I think I did all the Tandys. I also did the special cases in the bird, weird dream, anything, and other days.

[edit] Interests outside H*R

[edit] Reminders to myself

  • "It never hurts to double-check" — Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development
  • Check the contribs
  • Check the edit summaries
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