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"I have two brothers that like to pummel me every hour on the hour."

Strong Sad tells about his sad and lonely life.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Marzipan

Places: Strong Sad's Room

Date: Monday, July 14, 2003

Running Time: 1:15

Page Title: Poetry Slam!!

[edit] Transcript

{Open with a black screen.}

STRONG SAD: I don't wanna do a characters page!

MARZIPAN: Oh, come on, you can do it!

{The lens cap is removed, and Strong Sad appears as the camera focuses on him.}

STRONG SAD: I'm not really comfortable talking to a camera.

MARZIPAN: {off-screen} Just pretend like you're talking to me, or a wall, or a tree, or any of the other stuff that you usually talk to.

STRONG SAD: Ohhhhhh! My name's Strong Sad and... I have two brothers that like to pummel me every hour, on the hour. I mostly sit in my room, and... listen to music, and write, {begins tracing his finger along the edge of the screen} and talk to walls or trees... {stops touching the edge of the screen} and wait to be pummeled... I guess I like board games more than most people. And by that I mean I like to play board games more than most people do. But by that I also mean I like board games more than I like most people. Like this one time, me and Hi Ho! Cherry-O were playing The Game of Life, and I got a phone call from... Coach Z or somebody. And, I didn't answer it because I was having such a good time with playing this board game, against this other board game...

MARZIPAN: {off-screen, losing patience} Okay, I think that's enough, Strong Sad.

STRONG SAD: And it got me to thinking, you know?

MARZIPAN: Okay, okay, I'm turning it off now.

STRONG SAD: {simultaneously} Two lovers... collide...

{The camera stops.}

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