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My educational page for discussing important issuesI'm back at the Wiki.I will continue to make Deleteheads members,but I will also be on Fanstuff too soon.
Either one is me.
Do I need another acount for the fourum?Or can I just type in my Wiki acount?if you know this ansewer go to my talk page and tell me.
I'm BACK in the saddle again!!!!

Check it out! check it out! check it out! check it out! check it out !check it out! Hi uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...............give me candy!uhhhh ok no swearing and this is not Zubs or strong sad orrrrr.....................pie. ok no swearing.

sooooooo.........KOT rules.This is mainly photos.I like the KOT and the email Monster Truck. This also a excuse 4 a blog.


[edit] Welcome

Yoshiii.gif We are all happy thanks to the Mario Wiki 4 the gifs Yoshiii.gif

<a href=""><img src="rfkqrbpm.png" border="0" />
Click here to level up my card!</a>

[edit] Become a Delete head!

Go to my talk page and ask me if you would like to join.Also this will be like joining the Homestarmy you must give me a gift.
Delete Heads Unite!

Here are some gifts I got.

163ad9db8ce6b044a4676ca782e928d6.png Pikacry8on.jpg

This is a present!
"Here,The Chort. Have a trophy!




Da Cheat.

Coach B| PRANK CALL!| Leader,President King of Town

Hooray4Homestar Vice Leader

Meme3 3rd person shooter.

Hooray4Trogdor Fan Fic maker.

Katonator 3000 Recruiter.

HaldoHelscome! Uploader

P.F.P. and you know it- Blacksmith

Ugly Bord Talker

Bapes GUy who paints the clouds on a plastic goldfish with a giant novelty toothbrush

Homsarfan- guy who works at Popular Beach-Themed Resturant

"Look how useless that picture is!"
 I miss my website

I wish they make more of those, this page can't be displayed thing. I got Everything Else vol. 1 and 2 and vol.3 I also got cheat camandos virus email made no sense at all but it was funny

[edit] Discovery

I actually found this website in a youtube search for Saturday TV Funhouse.Then I found more until finally I checked for a website and then I was there.Yeah.Kinda weird.

[edit] Coach B Challenge!

You can be one of My Guys if you ansewer the question in the Talk Page.If you are interested,go and do that mess right now!Also get this userbox. |-


[edit] TV shows that rock

  • Simpsons
  • Suite Life of Zach and Cody
  • Ed,Edd,and Eddy

[edit] Acheivments

"You're a abomination!"

[edit] advertising

I wish I could help well known if yu feel the same go to my talk page.PLEASE!!!!

I honetsly don't know how to upload images.I would to know how to do so.

Ruined the game industry
Saved video games.

[edit] Test

I took the test here is who I yam,


[edit] awsome users

[edit] Monthly Blubbo

Check out the monthly Blubbo New contest!

[edit] Cool award

I got this from Katonatar 3000, thank you!!!X)

Perfectly cool!!

[edit] help Coach Z

Put your name on User talk:Coach B and then put yourself on the list.

Give me a Jaerorb!


[edit] Awards

More soon. Help me to get one of these great things

[edit] Userbox

Please go to my discussion and help me get the World's Longest Userbox


[edit] :D Its Over! D:

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View First Email I saw watch
"Just 8 more hours and I can press send!"

???? watch

This toon comes each Decemberween though some may say it doesn't. watch Probalby goin to join it

Top videos to view. Please they honestly rock out loud!

Yay some good gifs!!!!!!!

Everybody Everybody!

Larry_koopa.gif Waluigidance.gif Mario-and-Luigi-trampoline.gif 100px-mushroom.gif HammerBroSmallAni.gif PikaAngry.gif ...... yeah.....

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