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Bye H*R Wiki, I am leaving for good probaly so that's the end of pfp


Pistols for Pandas is a just cause! These are stupid, fat, slow creatures we're talking about. They need all the firepower they can get. Last year alone, the PFP put handguns in the paws of no fewer than 300 underprivileged and unarmed pandas. --P.F.P. is the greatest

qod_18_-_gunhaver.PNG "Gunhaver approved"


                | \____________________________________________________/|
                |                                    O______O           |     ____
                |                                    /      \           |    |    \
                |          My gun thing I made.     |  O  O |           |    |____/
                |          With a panda thing on it.| \_-_/ |           |
                |         ___________________________\_____/____________|
                |         |   |  |    |
                |         |   \  |    |
                |         |    \ |    |
                |         |     \|    |
                |         |___________|      
                |           |
                |           | 
                |           |
                |           |

[edit] MY FAVORITE H*R characters

Normal:POM POM- I have no idea what you are saying but still awesome

20X6:1-UP- "I wanna be the guy too"

Old timey:SICKLY SAM- You can do the charleston bro

Teen girl squad:USB DONGLE GOBLIN- "Here I come!"

[edit] My little password...

I decided to form a club like thing so try to find the hidden password on my page. If you find it say it on my talk page. If you do you will get a special userbox I will SOON come up with. NOTE TO CHEATERS if you think your pretty clever and will just get it by copying off others notes to me, MWAHAHAHAHA I will change it once someone finds it and im on the computer!!!!! also Dont look at the edit!Old paper, I pine for you!!!!

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