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"The time has come to bend at the knees..."

A Yonder Website-themed main page.

Cast (in order of appearance): Character 2, Strong Bad (voice only), Character 1, Character 8, Character 3, Character 4, Character 6, Character 7, Character 9, Character 10, Character 5

Date: Monday, February 12, 2024

Icon: Character 1's head

Page Title: Brought to you by Smarty Juice


[edit] Button Effects

  • Toons — Each time the button is scrolled over, Character 1 appears with a different baked good, while the narrator describes the scene.
    • "Here's Character 1 strolling home with braidèd loaf. Probably get a caraway seed stuck in his teeth later on, but that's the life he chose. That's right."
      • Character 1 walks in from the left, holding a loaf of bread with seeds on it. During the second sentence, Character 1 stops and looks at the loaf, from which a seed falls off of, before slumping and walking away, dejected.
    • "Character 1's juggling a trio of brioche buns. I don't think he's got it right. He can paint my fence any time. That's right, it's starting to warp. Never had it sealed."
      • Character 1 appears from the background, juggling the buns. When the narrator describes his fence, the fence in question appears in a thought bubble about Character 1, becoming warped as he mentions it. Once he finishes talking, Character 1 and the thought bubble disappear with an audible pop.
    • "Now he's going for it with a Burmese-python-sized baguette. Seems a little excessive, but that's Character 1 for ya. Far out."
      • Character 1 again walks in from the left, carrying an incredibly long baguette.
  • Games — Character 8 rapidly drinks Smarty Juice, saying "mope mope mope" faster and faster, and higher- and higher-pitched, until his head explodes. A face appears on his torso, says "mope" in a slower and lower-pitched voice, and then sticks its tongue out. The narrator responds, "Say, that looks just like... the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. Far out?" The creature smiles while a banner bearing a question mark flies over its head.
  • Characters — Character 3 appears and shouts "Baseborg...!", which gradually fades as he melts into a puddle. The narrator comments, "Oh, seepin' it out." The words "seepin' it out" appear in cursive over the puddle.
  • Downloads — The narrator sings "The time has come to bend at the knees." A group of three characters (4, 6, and 7; or 9, 10, and 5) appear and bend at the knees, with an accompanying banner.
  • Store — Character 2 starts to speak, but the narrator says "Ah ah! No talking!", and Character 2's mouth closes up.
    • Character 2 begins speaking again, and the narrator interrupts with "I said absolutely... no talking." Character 2's mouth is covered with tape.
  • E-mail — The background becomes a colorful cloudscape with sparkle effects, and Character 2's eyes become spirals. The narrator declares, "Character 2 has gone and transcended time and space. Why don't we all transcend with him to a higher plane of consciousness? That is both right and far out."

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Remarks

  • Unlike other main pages, removing the mouse from the button immediately ends the animation.

[edit] Fixed Goofs

  • When this main page was first added, no main page, including 28 itself, included a link to it. This was fixed the next day.

[edit] Inside References

  • Character 1 walks by with several kinds of bread.
  • The narrator emphasizes the -ed in "braidèd loaf".
  • Character 8 rapidly drinks several bottles of Smarty Juice.
  • Character 1's python baguette is similar to the sub sandwich constrictor from fan club.

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