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Entirely untrue. For reals.

The Homestar Runner universe is the fictional realm in which the characters of the Homestar Runner body of work live and breathe, as created chiefly by The Brothers Chaps. Within the main universe are Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and the other main characters living in Free Country, USA. Their universe is much like our own; for example, they live in houses, eat food, go to work, watch TV, use the Internet, play sports, celebrate holidays, and do other normal things. At the same time, there are certain elements of the universe that show that they are in a cartoon; for example, through cartoon physics, Homsar can survive being crushed by a giant weight, objects can appear from Hammerspace, characters can break the fourth wall, and sometimes more than one of the same character are on the screen at the same time. In a body of work as large as The Brothers Chaps have created, complete continuity throughout every cartoon is almost impossible to maintain, leading to various inconsistencies.


[edit] Sub-universes

Several fictional universes also exist within the framework of the main universe. Each of the sub-universes is produced by one or more of the characters (sometimes unseen) within the context of the main universe.

[edit] Universe variations

Variations of the main Homestar Runner universe feature the main characters in altered versions of themselves. It is strongly implied that the Old-Timey and 20X6 variations exist as the past and future histories within the continuity of the main universe. The high school, middle school, and microscopic variations may be an extension of this, depending on how reliable Strong Bad's so-called doodle memory is. However, the Strong Bad Email alternate universe blurs the lines between the main universe, the sub-universes, and the universe variations, featuring them as existing all at once.

[edit] As a term

The phrase "Homestar Runner universe" has been used several times within the body of work itself.

  • Marzipan is known as the only girl in the main universe, which is explored in depth on the DVD feature Why Come Only One Girl?.
  • A summary for the Podstar Runner release of haircut notes that there is "Very little hair on the scalps of the Homestar Runner universe."
  • The phrase was featured in the Sketchbook on March 8, 2007 (see image above).
  • In the DVD commentary for retirement, while talking about the auto hole formatting, Strong Bad remarks that "there's a lot of autoformatting that goes on in my universe."

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