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[edit] Hanging by a thread

The King of Town is first shown hanging in a position exactly like the one he's in on the cliff in Weclome Back, where he's stuck in a tire hanging from a tree; the rope is wrapped around him three times, perhaps to match the width of the tire.

From: cliffhangers
Posted on: 14:14, 21 September 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • The fact that the toon referenced (Weclome Back) is so recent, it comes in mind when seeing the cliff scene and the position is immediately recognizable.
  • The uniqueness of the The King of Town's position, being hanged by a rope from a tall place, makes it a reference even if the measure of binding is different (a tire and a rope). Notice how the fact mention the three time the rope was wrapped, to match the previews animation.
  • Fun Facts are not just references. They also encompass significant facts about the toon that might not be immediately apparent to the viewer.

Arguments against:

  • Reused shapes and animation do not constititute a reference (see comments).
  • The only reason the rope was tied three times was to make TBC's job easier when they reused the shape.
  • The one tied up next to the Kot is Homsar. If this were a reference we would expect it to be Strong Sad.

Additional comments:

  • Just like sound effects, reused shapes and animation are not references in and of themselves. Animating well is very difficult, and TBC often reuse elements from previous toons in order to save time and energy. In this case, the subject of the email just happened to fit a design for the KoT that they already had, and so they used it again, but that's where the similarity ends.
    • Reused common animations and sound effects have no place in fun facts, but I do not think The King of Town is going to be hung like this in the future, therefore it's a reference to a single toon.
      • We can't possibly know whether they will reuse this again. Even if they don't, it's still not notable in this toon because it's not a reference.
        • I'd say that if it happens again, it's a running gag since it also happens in Revenge_of_the_King.
          • I would tend to agree that there's the potential for a running gag here (I'm not sure we're there yet). Note, however, that the item above does not address anything like that, but rather the literal shapes used to draw the KoT.
  • Re: 1st arg against: Fun Facts are NOT all references. This would make an interesting Trivia comment or a Remark. The question of it being a reference or not is entirely irrelevent. The essential question is whether it's notable that the same animation was reused. The fact that they went through the trouble to add a few more loops of rope so the same animation could be reused (arg for 2, arg against 2) only makes this more notable, although it is slightly mitigated by the obvious observation that it might require that many loops of rope to suspend the corpulent KOT.
    • If it's not a reference (and, indeed, it was removed from inside references), then it's not notable. If it were listed as just a piece of trivia or a simple remark, then it would open the door to a host of problems similar to the ones that were creeping in before we made the sound effects page.
  • We need to have a Recycled Images page. It would be like Sound Effects, but for these kinds of things so that they don't get STUFF'd in the future.
    • I think that would be overly convoluted and include too much to be really doable...

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