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Image:qod 9 - homsar.PNG Homsar's words of wisdom: "Location, location, location."
That's me. Yeah.

So, I'm Bluebry. I'm mostly over at Fanstuff, but I'm here sometimes.

[edit] Current thoughts

Just the things I think of. I'll try to keep it updated.


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[edit] Tacos

Meat, cheese and vegetables collected together in a Mexican tortilla that makes a tasty treat.

[edit] Appearances

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[edit] Words Ending in -o

[edit] The King of Town's Health Problems

The King of Town is obsessed with food and eating, and does not have especially healthy habits.

  • Halloween Fairstival — His remedy for hiccups is to feed them until they mature into liver failure. He also has a ham in place of his heart.
  • Email retirement — In his circus act as "Clogdor", his burps transform into fried eggs.
  • Email record book — The King of Town eats a giant pile of salt for lunch. He claims that his "hiccups" are actually heart attacks.
  • Fan 'Stumes 2020Marshie encourages viewers to open their pores and let him into their hearts to clog up their veins. The King of Town volunteers readily.
  • Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep my Enemies, LoserPerducci tearfully denies that his tears are not made from olive oil.

[edit] Strong Bad spelled as one word

This sandbox article, and its subheads, might could use a better commando name.

"Strong Bad is two different wooooords!"
This issue comes up a lot, so I made a little song.
My name is Strong Bad (doodle-a-doop)
Those are two different words (deedlely-doop)
It's Strong because I'm strong, and Bad because I'm great!
So don't forget the space bar, you nerds!

Fans will often misspell Strong Bad as "Strongbad". This issue extends to Strong Badia.

[edit] "Strongbad" in official material

Email who now?

The proliferation of "Strongbad" is likely due in part to Strong Bad Email. Although The Paper (and its successor) read "Click here to e-mail strong bad", the email address "" may have led to confusion on whether his name was one or two words. The Compé-per explicitly mentioned "click to email strongbad", an oddity rectified by the CGI Paper using "Strong Bad" again as usual. In addition, Strong Bad typically checks his email using the application "strongbad_email.exe" ("strongbad's_email" on the Tandy 400), a name shared by the Strong Bad Email DVD series.

In Peasant's Quest, the command "make friends with Kerrek" brings up the response, "Look, it didn't work for Strongbad and it's not going to work for you, either".

A hidden page simply contains the text "this is strongbad".

@StrongBadActual is one word, as Twitter does not allow for spaces or similar separators in usernames. However, the name uses camel case to indicate "Strong" and "Bad" are separate words.

[edit] "Strongbadia" in official material

[edit] Use by fans

Several emails have been addressed to "Strongbad" or mention "Strongbadia":

  • halloweener — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • ghosts — "Are there any ghosts in Strongbadia?"
  • fingers — The second email opens with "Yo Strongbad."
  • 2 emails — During the fast forward, an email is seen reading "Hey Strongbad."
  • privileges — "Dear strongbad,"
    • Strong Bad reads his name especially quickly as it is typed together.
  • pom pom — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • crying — "YO Yo Strongbad, Hey Strongbad..."
  • part-time job — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • dreamail — "Hey StrongBad"
  • long pants — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • do over — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • boring (really) — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • space program — "Dear Strongbad, Does Strongbadia have a space program?"
  • secret identity — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • candy product — "Dear Strongbad"
  • myths & legends — "Hey Strongbad," (the subject similarly reads "Hey Strongbad!")
    • Strong Bad reads the misspelling of his name as "Two words. Two different words. That are not one word. That are 'Strong' and 'Bad'."
    • The email mentions "Strong Badia", correctly spelling it as two words.
  • keep cool — "How hot is it right now in Strongbadia?"
  • trading cards — "Hey Strongbad-"
  • what i want — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • more armies — "I have three sons that wish to join the Strongbadia army."
    • The email's subject line spells "Strong Badia's Army" correctly.
  • hygiene — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • pizza joint — "I was wondering if there is a pizza joint somewhere in Strongbadia"
    • "Strong Bad" is spelled as two words in the email's greeting.
  • mini-golf — "Helllooooooo Strongbad,"
  • nightlife — "I was wondering what the nightlife is like in strongbadia?"
    • "Strong Bad" is spelled as two words in the email's subject.
  • shapeshifter — "Dear Strongbad,"
  • specially marked — "Hey ho, Strongbad."
  • your edge — "Hey Strongbad-"

[edit] In interviews and other publications

[edit] Other Stuff

[edit] Tangerine Dreams

Picture Description
"Yer a bum!"
Tangerine Dreams is awesome. And is orange.
Da real Tangerine Dreams
Tangerine Dreams, Homestar, and Strong Bad, as friends. Awwwwww.
Tangerine Dreams' back (provided by Smileyface11945 - Thanks!)
Tangerine Dreams IM
Tangerine Dreams in underwears (how's it going, Texas?)
Tangerine Dreams probably creating a massive paradox.
Tangerine Dreams back.
Keep on File Edit Helpin'!
Poorly drawn.
A full Tangerine Dreams.
The Tangerine Dreams manufacturer's logo.
Bubsty's computer, Aquamarine Dreams (Image provided by Thekillerdynamo - Thanks to you, too!)

[edit] Tangerine Dreams was used as a Main Page selected article!

"Your computer has too much computer in it and not enough typewriter."

Tangerine Dreams is The Cheat's iMac computer. He uses it to make Flash cartoons including The Cheat Theme Song, Everybody to the Limit, Main Page 15, and many more. It has also been used by Strong Bad to check his email in weird dream. Tangerine Dreams also appeared as a real live computer in Labor Dabor, in which it appears to be a Slot-Loading Tangerine iMac DV running Mac OS 9. The logo on Tangerine Dreams (the same logo as on the Tandy 400)—a rainbow-colored star with a bite taken out of its side—is a play on the old Apple logo, a rainbow apple with a bite missing. After using Tangerine dreams for many years, The Cheat was shown designing a new No Loafing Sign graphic with a new 5th Generation iMac in the email redesign. (More...)

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