Blue Laser Commander's Nana's Backyard

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"The burgers are done, sir."
Threatening Grandmother Action!

Blue Laser Commander's Nana's Backyard is where Blue Laser's "secret desert hideout" is located in the short Cheat Commandos...O's. Blue Laser relocated there to fool the Cheat Commandos and have them search for a non-existent Secret Desert Headquarters. Blue Laser appears to have taken their operations computer with them, which allows them to keep an eye on the Cheat Commandos.

The seclusion of Nana's Backyard and the safety it offers Blue Laser makes it a perfect venue for grilling bratwursts and hamburgers, although the Cheat Commandos somehow find the relocated headquarters (thanks to their favorite cereal) and end Blue Laser's operations there.

Nana's Backyard is one of the areas available in paper form from Cheat Commandos Playsets, complete with a miniature Blue Laser Supercomputer.

The relocation of Blue Laser headquarters to Nana's Backyard is the first known mention of The Blue Laser Commander's Nana.

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